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Vol. 10, No. 3, 1978

U.S.-Soviet Program on the Protection of Northern Ecosystems: A Commentary  
R. A. Scriabine
Soil Acari and Collembola from Chaun Bay, Northern Chukotka  
S. F. MacLean, V. Behan, A. Fjellberg
Characteristics of the Snow Cover and Its Relationship to Wild Mountain Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus L.) Feeding Strategies  
Terje Skogland
Earth Hummocks of the Canadian Arctic and Subarctic  
C. Tarnocai, S. C. Zoltai
Environments and Adaptations of the Thule Culture on the Davis Strait Coast of Baffin Island  
J. D. Jacobs, George Sabo III
Cockburn Nomenclature and the Late Quaternary History of the Eastern Canadian Arctic  
J. T. Andrews, Jack D. Ives
Paleoclimatic Inferences from Late Würm Rock Glaciers, Eastern Central Alps, Western Tyrol, Austria  
Hanns Kerschner
The Development of Ice by Cryostatic Pressure in Northeastern Wisconsin and Its Effect on Unconsolidated Shore Bluffs  
Ronald D. Stieglitz
In Memoriam: A. Erling Porsild: 1901-1977  
Áskell Löve
Studies in the Scottish Lateglacial Environment. By J. M. Gray, J. J. Lowe   reviewed work
J. T. Andrews
Cambria: A Welsh Geographical Review (Cylchgrawn Daeryddol Cymreig). Vol. 4, No. 1, 1977. Studies in the Welsh Quaternary. By D. Q. Bowen   reviewed work
J. T. Andrews
Schnee- und Gletscherkunde. By Friedrich Wilhelm   reviewed work
Richard L. Armstrong
Glaciers and Landscape: A Geomorphological Approach. By David E. Sugden, Brian S. John   reviewed work
Sidney E. White
Vascular Plants of British Columbia: A Descriptive Resource Inventory. By Roy L. Taylor, Bruce MacBryde   reviewed work
Richard D. Revel
Proceedings of the WMO Symposium on Meteorology as Related to Urban and Regional Land-Use Planning. Asheville, N.C., U.S.A., 3-7 November 1975.   reviewed work
David Greenland
Report of the Scientific Workshop on Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. Washington, D.C., 28 November-3 December 1976. By   reviewed work
R. G. Barry
Hydrological Maps. By   reviewed work
Nel Caine