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Vol. 14, No. 2, 1982

Multivariate Analysis of Alpine Snow-Patch Vegetation Cover near Milner Pass, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Dot Helm
Cuticular Transpiration of Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) within a Sierra Nevadan Timberline Ecotone, U.S.A.  
J. B. Sowell, D. L. Koutnik, A. J. Lansing
Temperature Observations in High Arctic Plants in Relation to Microclimate in the Vegetation of Peary Land, North Greenland  
Per Mølgaard
Insects (Diptera, Hymenoptera) Associated with Minuartia groenlandica (Caryophyllaceae) on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, U.S.A., and Their Possible Role as Pollinators  
Christine M. Levesque, John F. Burger
Body Temperatures and Behavioral Thermoregulation of High Arcitc Woolly-Bear Caterpillars and Pupae (Gynaephora rossii, Lymantriidae:Lepidoptera) and the Importance of Sunshine  
Peter G. Kevan, Thomas S. Jensen, Joseph D. Shorthouse
Correlations of Climate, Mass Balances, and Glacial Fluctuations at Mount Rainer, Washington, U.S.A., Since 1850  
Douglas W. Burbank
Interaction of Bering Sea and Norton Sound Pack Ice  
William J. Stringer, Gary L. Hufford
The Geomorphic Significance of Rock Temperature Variations in Cold Environments: A Discussion  
J. P. McGreevy, W. B. Whalley
Measurements of the Decay Rate of the Gross Beta Activity in Firn Samples from an Alpine Glacier, Kesselwandferner, Ötztal Alps, Austria  
W. Ambach, W. Rehwald
Meeting and Field Excursion of the International Geographical Union Co-Ordinating Committee for Periglacial Research, Hokkaido, Japan, August 1980  
Yugo Ono, Kazuomi Hirakawa, Shuji Iwata
Geobotanical Atlas of the Prudhoe Bay Region, Alaska. By D. A. Walker, K. R. Everett, P. J. Webber, J. Brown   reviewed work
Alan R. Batten
Quaternary Paleoclimate. By W. C. Mahaney   reviewed work
Susan K. Short
The Physics of Glaciers. By W. S. B. Paterson   reviewed work
Richard L. Armstrong
Mountains and Man: A Study of Process and Environment. By Larry W. Price   reviewed work
Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk