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Vol. 14, No. 3, 1982

The Harvest of Pacific Walruses by the Pelagic Whaling Industry, 1848 to 1914  
John R. Bockstoce, Daniel B. Botkin
Growth of Alpine Plants under Controlled Drought  
K. M. Peterson, W. D. Billings
Differential Photosynthetic Inhibition by UltraViolet Radiation in Species from the Arctic-Alpine Life Zone  
Martyn M. Caldwell, Ronald Robberecht, Robert S. Nowak, W. D. Billings
The Effects of Increasing Snowpack on a Subalpine Meadow in the Uinta Mountains, Utah, U.S.A.  
W. Kent Ostler, K. T. Harper, Karl B. McKnight, David C. Anderson
Tree Seed Populations at the Treeline in Rivière Aux Feuilles Area, Northern Quebec, Canada  
Serge Payette, Jean Deshaye, Hélène Gilbert
Climate Reconstructions (1801 to 1938) Inferred from Tree-Ring Width Chronologies of the North American Arctic  
John Philip Cropper
Dendroclimatic Analysis of Birch in South Greenland  
Karl C. Kuivinen, Merlin P. Lawson
Basal Ice in High Arctic Snowpacks  
Ming-ko Woo, Richard Heron, Philip Marsh
Characteristics of Cryogenic Weathering in the Permafrost Zone of the European USSR  
V. N. Konishchev
Mountain Weather and Climate. By Roger G. Barry   reviewed work
Melvin G. Marcus
Ökologie der Hochgebirge. By Herbert Franz   reviewed work
Jack Major
Estudios Ecologicos en los Páramos Andinos. By Maximina Monasterio   reviewed work
J. M. B. Smith
Polyni Severo-Vostok SSSR [Artemisia of the North-Eastern USSR]. By Aleksandr A. Korobkov   reviewed work
Jack Major