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Vol. 14, No. 4, 1982

Instruments for Measuring Biological Microclimates for Terrestrial Habitats in Polar and High Alpine Regions: A Review  
D. W. H. Walton
Nitrogen Mineralization in a Tussock Tundra Soil  
G. M. Marion, P. C. Miller
Winter Mortality and Population Trends of Reindeer on Svalbard, Norway  
Eigil Reimers
Dendrochronological Dating of Glacier-Dammed Lakes: An Example from Yukon Territory, Canada  
John Clague, L. A. Jozsa, M. L. Parker
Paleoenvironmental Interpretation of Holocene Insect Fossils from Northeastern Labrador, Canada  
Scott A. Elias
Quaternary Depositional Episodes, Western Spitsbergen, Norway: Aminostratigraphy and Glacial History  
Gifford H. Miller
The Development of Sorted Circles on Recently Deglaciated Terrain, Jotunheimen, Norway  
Colin K. Ballantyne, John A. Matthews
A Preliminary Scanning Electron Microscope Study of Quartz Grains from a Dirt Band in the Tuto Ice Tunnel, Northwest Greenland  
W. Brian Whalley
Preliminary Quantitative Study of Alpine Subnival Boulder Pavements, Colorado Front Range, U.S.A.  
Yoshio Hara, Colin E. Thorn
Discussion of "Late Wisconsinan Mountain Glaciation in the Northern Presidential Range, New Hampshire" by Dwight C. Bradley   correspondence
Robert F. Gerath, Brian K. Fowler, Dwight C. Bradley
In Memoriam: Philip C. Miller, 1933-1982  
Walter C. Oechel, Jochen Kummerow
Arctic Arthropods: A Review of Systematics and Ecology with Particular Reference to the North American Fauna. By H. V. Danks   reviewed work
Peter G. Kevan
Soil and Permafrost Surveys in the Arctic. By Kenneth A. Linell, John C. F. Tedrow   reviewed work
K. R. Everett
The Last Great Ice Sheets. By George H. Denton, Terence J. Hughes   reviewed work
Gifford H. Miller
Reliktovye Stepnye Kompleksy Severo-vostochnoi Azii [Relict Steppe Complexes of Northeast Asia]. By B. A. Yurtsev   reviewed work
Jack Major
The Glaciation of the Ecuadorian Andes. By Stefan Hastenrath   reviewed work
Vera Markgraf