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Vol. 15, No. 2, 1983

Alpine Permafrost in the Contiguous United States: A Review  
Troy L. Péwé
Late Holocene Ice Wedges near Fairbanks, Alaska, U.S.A.: Environmental Setting and History of Growth  
Thomas D. Hamilton, Thomas A. Ager, Stephen W. Robinson
Holocene Vegetation History of the Upper Natla River Area, Northwest Territories, Canada  
G. M. MacDonald
A Soil Catena in the Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming, U.S.A., with Reference to Paleoenvironmental Influences  
Richard G. Reider
Lichen Growth Curves for the Southern Flank of the Mont Blanc Massif, Western Italian Alps  
Giuseppe Orombelli, Stephen C. Porter
Present and Former Equilibrium-Line Altitudes near Mount Everest, Nepal and Tibet  
Van S. Williams
One-Dimensional Stochastic Model of Ice Motion in Western Norton Sound, Alaska, U.S.A.  
William J. Stringer
Alpine Vegetation of Wheeler Peak, New Mexico, U.S.A.: Gradient Analysis, Classification, and Biogeography  
William L. Baker
The Influence of Snow on Growth and Survival of Planted Trees  
Werner Frey
Seasonal Patterns of Bacterial Abundance in an Arctic Lake  
John E. Hobbie, Teresa L. Corliss, Bruce J. Peterson
A Note on Winter Seed Rain in the High Arctic  
N. E. Grulke, L. C. Bliss
A Note on July Senescence in Tundra Plants at Eagle Creek, Alaska, U.S.A.  
James B. McGraw, Ann L. Chester, Lee Stuart
Observations on Erosion by Wet Snow Avalanches, Mount Rae Area, Alberta, Canada  
James S. Gardner
Aridnye gory SSSR: Priroda i Geograficheskie Modeli Florogeneza [Arid Mountains of the USSR, Nature and Geographical Models of Florogenesis]. By O. E. Agakhaniants   reviewed work
Jack Major
Research in Glacial, Glaciofluvial and Glaciolacustrine Systems: Proceedings of the 6th Guelph Symposium in Geomorphology, 1980. By R. Davidson-Arnott, W. Nickling, B. D. Fahey   reviewed work
Robert Gilbert
Big Game in Alaska: A History of Wildlife and People. By Morgan Sherwood   reviewed work
R. J. Hudson
Peat Stratigraphy and Climatic Change: A Palaeoecological Test of the Theory of Cyclic Peat Bog Regeneration. By K. E. Barber   reviewed work
Harvey Nichols
Handbook of Snow: Principles, Processes, Management and Use. By D. M. Gray, D. H. Male   reviewed work
Jack Major