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Vol. 16, No. 3, 1984

Striated Soil in an Andean Paramo of Venezuela: Its Origin and Orientation  
Francisco L. Pérez
An Experimental Study of the Effect of Humidity and Temperature Variations on the Granular Disintegration of Argillaceous Carbonate Rocks in Cold Climates  
Barry D. Fahey, Daryl F. Dagesse
Tree-Ring Analysis of Movement of a Rock-Glacier Complex on Mount Mestas, Colorado, U.S.A.  
John R. Giardino, John F. Shroder, Jr., Merlin P. Lawson
Late Quaternary Chronology for the Watts Bay Area, Frobisher Bay, Southern Baffin Island, N.W.T., Canada  
Julian A. Dowdeswell
Acid Precipitation in the Colorado Front Range: An Overview with Time Predictions for Significant Effects  
George W. Kling, Michael C. Grant
Influence of Water Table and Atmospheric CO2 Concentration on the Carbon Balance of Arctic Tundra  
K. M. Peterson, W. D. Billings, D. N. Reynolds
Local Alteration of Alpine Calcicolous Vegetation by Birds: Do the Birds Create Hummocks?  
Nicolaas A. M. Verbeek, Rosalinda Boasson
Phytoedaphic Relationships in Alpine Tundra of North-Central Colorado, U.S.A.  
Lee E. Eddleman, Richard T. Ward
The Growth Forms and Ecology of Nothofagus solandri at the Alpine Timberline, Craigieburn Range, New Zealand  
D. A. Norton, W. Schönenberger
Glacial Marine Sediments and Sedimentation: Annotated Bibliography. By John T. Andrews, Charles L. Matsch   reviewed work
Joseph H. Kravitz
Tills and Related Deposits: Genesis/Petrology/Application/Stratigraphy. By Edward B. Evanson, Ch. Schlüchter,Jorge Rabassa   reviewed work
J. T. Andrews
Man and Environment in the Great Basin. By David B. Madsen, James F. O'Connell   reviewed work
Scott A. Elias
Flora of Alberta. By E. H. Moss, John G. Packer   reviewed work
William A. Weber
Glacial Deposits in North-West Europe. By Jürgen Ehlers   reviewed work
Gifford H. Miller
Mountain Ecology in the Australian Region. Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Canberra, 8-9 May 1982. By R. W. Purdie, I. R. Noble   reviewed work
Mark G. Noble
Les Côtes de la Tunisie. By Roland Paskoff, Paul Sanlaville   reviewed work
Gifford H. Miller