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Vol. 17, No. 1, 1985

Corrigendum: Computer Simulation of Buoyancy and Snow-Cover Effects in Palsa Dynamics  
Estimated Ages of Mature Tussocks of Eriophorum vaginatum along a Latitudinal Gradient in Central Alaska, U.S.A.  
A. F. Mark, Ned Fetcher, G. R. Shaver, F. S. Chapin III
Effects of Removal of Neighboring Species on Growth, Nutrients, and Microclimate of Eriophorum vaginatum  
Ned Fetcher
A Floristic Analysis of Neoglacial Deposits in the Teton Range, Wyoming, U.S.A.  
John R. Spence
Paleoenvironmental Interpretations of Holocene Insect Fossil Assemblages from Four High-Altitude Sites in the Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Scott A. Elias
Evidence for the Nature of the Early Holocene Climate and Paleogeography, High Plains, Alberta, Canada  
Stuart A. Harris
Topoclimate and the Distribution of Neoglacial Facies in the Indian Peaks Section of the Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Greg A. Olyphant
Variation in pH during Summer Storms near the Continental Divide in Central Colorado, U.S.A.  
Michael M. Reddy, Timothy D. Liebermann, James C. Jelinski, Nel Caine
Isotopic Evidence for Relic Pleistocene Glacier Ice on Victoria Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago  
R. D. Lorrain, P. Demeur
An Examination of Some Factors Affecting the Largest Lichens on a Substrate  
John L. Innes
Note on Rock Striations Caused by Penguin Feet, Falkland Islands  
John F. Splettstoesser
Soils and Geomorphology. By Peter W. Birkeland   reviewed work
E. Maltby
Glacial Lake Agassiz. By J. T. Teller, Lee Clayton   reviewed work
J. T. Andrews
Antarctic Earth Science: Fourth International Symposium. By R. L. Oliver, P. R. James, J. B. Jago   reviewed work
Lisa Ostermann
From Grassland to Glacier: The Natural History of Colorado. By Cornelia Fleischer Mutel, John C. Emerick   reviewed work
David J. Cooper
Erosion and Sediment Yield: Some Methods of Measurement and Modelling. By R. F. Hadley, D. E. Walling   reviewed work
Scott Morris
The Archaeology of Colorado. By E. Steven Cassells   reviewed work
Tom Lennon
Contributions to the Tectonics and Geophysics of Mountain Chains. By Robert D. Hatcher, Jr., Harold Williams, Isidore Zeitz   reviewed work
J. T. Andrews
Mesoformen des Reliefs im heutigen Periglazialraum. Bericht über ein Symposium. By Hans Poser, Ekkehard Schunke   reviewed work
Rocky Mountain National Park: A History. By C. W. Buchholtz   reviewed work