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Vol. 17, No. 3, 1985

Experimental Ecology of Dryas octopetala Ecotypes. III. Environmental Factors and Plant Growth  
James B. McGraw
Growth Forms, Carbon Allocation, and Reproductive Patterns of High Arctic Saxifrages  
N. E. Grulke, L. C. Bliss
Floristic Analysis of the Distribution of Ephemeral Plants in Treeline Areas of the Western United States  
Louise E. Jackson
Turf-Banked Terraces in the Olympic Mountains, Washington, U.S.A.  
Katherine J. Hansen-Bristow, Larry W. Price
Dendrochronological and Palynological Observations on Populus balsamifera in Northern Alaska, U.S.A.  
Mary E. Edwards, Peter W. Dunwiddie
Contemporary Pollen Deposition and the Distribution of Betula glandulosa at the Limit of Low Arctic Tundra in Southern Baffin Island, N.W.T., Canada  
John D. Jacobs, William N. Mode, Evelyn K. Dowdeswell
Dynamics of the Late Wisconsin Ice Sheet in the Ungava Peninsula Interpreted from Geomorphological Evidence  
James T. Gray, Bernard Lauriol
The Glaciation Level in West Greenland  
Ole Humlum
Pingos of the Prudhoe Bay Region, Alaska  
D. A. Walker, M. D. Walker, K. R. Everett, P. J. Webber
Rock Moisture Content and Frost Weathering under Natural and Experimental Conditions: A Comparative Discussion  
J. P. McGreevy, W. B. Whalley
Late Quaternary Environments of the Soviet Union. By A. A. Velichko   reviewed work
John T. Andrews
The Pleistocene: Geology and Life in the Quaternary Ice Age. By Tage Nilsson   reviewed work
William R. Farrand
Catchment Experiments in Fluvial Geomorphology. By T. P. Burt, D. E. Walling   reviewed work
E. D. Andrews
Past and Present Vegetation of the Far Northwest of Canada. By J. C. Ritchie   reviewed work
Donald A. Walker
Rastitelnost Poliarnykh Pustyn SSSR [Vegetation of the Polar Deserts of the USSR]. By V. D. Aleksandrova   reviewed work
Jack Major
Mountain Ecosystems: Stability and Instability. By Bruno Messerli, Jack D. Ives   reviewed work
Charles V. Cogbill