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Vol. 17, No. 4, 1985

Vegetation History and Culture Change in Labrador Prehistory  
William W. Fitzhugh, H. F. Lamb
Human Influence on Natural Arctic Vegetation in the 17th Century and Climatic Change Since A.D. 1600 in Northwest Spitsbergen: A Paleobotanical Study  
W. O. van der Knaap
Seedling Establishment by Conifers above Tree Limit on Niwot Ridge, Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Christopher Daly, David Shankman
Two Native Antarctic Vascular Plants, Deschampsia antarctica and Colobanthus quitensis: A New Southernmost Locality and Other Localities in the Antarctic Peninsula Area  
Věra Komárková,Sally Poncet, Jérôme Poncet
Moisture Availability and Lichen Growth: The Effects of Snow Cover and Streams on Lichenometric Measurements  
John L. Innes
Estimation of Soil Temperature from Climatic Variables at Barrow, Alaska, U.S.A.  
S. F. MacLean, Jr., M. P. Ayres
Grain-Size Distribution of the Insoluble Component of Contemporary Eolian Deposits in the Alpine Zone, Front range, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Colin E. Thorn, Robert G. Darmody
Grain-Size Sampling and Characterization of Eolian Lag Surfaces within Alpine Tundra, Niwot Ridge, Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A.  
C. E. Thorn, Robert G. Darmody
Channel form Adjustment in Supraglacial Streams, Austre Okstindbreen, Norway  
A. D. Knighton
Quaternary Paleoclimatology: Methods of Paleo-Climatic Reconstruction. By R. S. Bradley   reviewed work
Thompson Webb III
Climatic Changes on a Yearly to Millennial Basis. By N.-A. Mörner,W. Karlén   reviewed work
Raymond S. Bradley
The Climate of Europe: Past, Present and Future. By H. Flohn, R. Fantechi   reviewed work
R. G. Barry
Destructive Mass Movements in High Mountains: Hazard and Management. By G. H. Eisbacher, J. J. Clague   reviewed work
Michael J. Bovis
Field and Theory: Lectures in Geocryology. By Michael Church, Olav Slaymaker   reviewed work
Nel Caine
Dr. John Rae. By Robert L. Richards   reviewed work
A. G. E. Jones
Book Notices  
An Arctic Whaling Diary: The Journal of Captain George Comer in Hudson Bay 1903-1905. By W. Gillies Ross   reviewed work
Ian Whitaker