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Vol. 18, No. 3, 1986

Tolerance to Low Temperatures and Desiccation in Insects from Andean Paramos  
Lauritz Sømme
Effect of Fertilizer on Production and Biomass of Tussock Tundra, Alaska, U.S.A.  
G. R. Shaver, F. S. Chapin III
Alpine Tundra Soil Bacterial Responses to Increased Soil Loading Rates of Acid Precipitation, Nitrate, and Sulfate, Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Rocco L. Mancinelli
Dendroecological Studies in the Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Felix Kienast, Fritz Hans Schweingruber
Direct Measurement of Lichen Growth in the Central Brooks Range, Alaska, U.S.A., and Its Application to Lichenometric Dating  
Leah A. Haworth, Parker E. Calkin, James M. Ellis
Lichenometric Chronology and Archaeological Features on Raised Beaches: Preliminary Results from the Swedish North Bothnian Coastal Region  
N. D. Broadbent, K. I. Bergqvist
Glacier Variations and Their Causes in the Northern Patagonia Icefield, Chile, Since 1944  
Masamu Aniya, Hiroyuki Enomoto
Deglaciation of the Mountainous Region of Northwestern Montana, U.S.A., as Indicated by Late Pleistocene Ashes  
Paul E. Carrara, Susan K. Short, Ray E. Wilcox
Textural and Scanning Electron Microscope Observations of Some Arctic-Alpine Soils Developed in Weichselian and Neoglacial Till Deposits in Southern Norway  
A. Mellor
Weathering Pit Development in the Central Otago Mountains of Southern New Zealand  
Barry D. Fahey
Arapaho Rock Glacier, Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A.: A 25-Year Resurvey  
James B. Benedict, Robert J. Benedict, Doug Sanville
Geomorphology. By Richard J. Chorley, Stanley A. Schumm, David E. Sugden   reviewed work
Nel Caine
Physiological Ecology of North American Plant Communities. By B. F. Chabot, H. A. Mooney   reviewed work
Larry L. Tieszen
On Skis to the North Pole. By Vladimir Snegiryev, George Watts   reviewed work
R. M. Koerner