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Vol. 19, No. 1, 1987

An Alpine Vegetation Map of Caribou Lake Valley and Fourth of July Valley, Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Rainer Haase
Natural Reestablishment of Mycorrhizae in Disturbed Alpine Ecosystems  
Edith B. Allen, Jeanne C. Chambers, Kristina F. Connor, Michael F. Allen, Ray W. Brown
Photosynthesis Damage and Protective Pigments in Plants from a Latitudinal Arctic/Alpine Gradient Exposed to Supplemental UV-B Radiation in the Field  
Paul W. Barnes, Stephan D. Flint, Martyn M. Caldwell
Fertilizer Effects on Annual Grass in Wet Sedge-Grass Vegetation Site, Susitna Basin, Alaska, U.S.A.  
D. J. Helm, J. D. McKendrick, W. B. Collins
Growth of Salix setchelliana on a Kluane River Point Bar, Yukon Territory, Canada  
D. A. Douglas
Establishment of White Spruce Populations and Responses to Climatic Change at the Treeline, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada  
Peter A. Scott, Roger I. C. Hansell, David C. F. Fayle
Components of the Surface Radiation Balance of Subarctic Wetland Terrain Units during the Snow-Free Season  
P. Lafleur, W. R. Rouse, S. G. Hardill
Erosion by Snow Avalanche and Implications for Geomorphic Stability, Torlesse Range, New Zealand  
Peter Ackroyd
Accelerated Ablation at a Glacier Ice-Cliff Margin, Dry Valleys, Antarctica  
T. J. H. Chinn
Low Profile of the Northwest Laurentide Ice Sheet  
James Beget
Distribution of Diatoms in the Surface Sediments of the Kane Basin  
Joseph H. Kravitz, Lloyd H. Burckle, Sandra L. Bromble
Antarctic Ecology. By R. M. Laws   reviewed work
Vera Komárková
Hydrological Applications of Remote Sensing and Remote Data Transmission. By B. E. Goodison   reviewed work
Dorothy K. Hall
The Expeditions of the First International Polar Year 1882-83. By William Barr   reviewed work
Raymond S. Bradley
Lake Gårdsjo̊n: An Acid Forest Lake and Its Catchment. By Folke Andersson, Bengt Olsson   reviewed work
Jill Baron
Dynamics of Ice Cover. By L. A. Timokhov   reviewed work
William Stringer
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