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Vol. 19, No. 2, 1987

The Decay and Disappearance of the Late Wisconsin Ice Sheet in the Ungava Peninsula, Northern Quebec, Canada  
Bernard Lauriol, James T. Gray
Paleoclimatic Implications of the Relationship between Modern Snowpack and Late Pleistocene Equilibrium-Line Altitudes in the Mountains of the Great Basin, Western U.S.A.  
Gregory A. Zielinski, William D. McCoy
Needle-Ice Activity and the Distribution of Stem-Rosette Species in a Venezuelan Páramo  
Francisco L. Pérez
Frost-Heave Activity in the Mount Rae Area, Canadian Rocky Mountains  
Daniel John Smith
Some Observations on the Morphology and Sedimentology of Two Active Protalus Ramparts, Lyngen, Northern Norway  
Colin K. Ballantyne
Crown Forms and Shoot Elongation of White Spruce at the Treeline, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada  
Peter A. Scott, Catherine V. Bentley, David C. F. Fayle, Roger I. C. Hansell
Sulfur, Halogens, and Heavy Metals in Summer Rains, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada  
S. J. Vermette, V. G. Bingham
Floristic Structure of Snowline Vegetation in Central Himalaya, India  
G. S. Rawat, Y. P. S. Pangtey
Glaciation in Alaska: The Geological Record. By Thomas D. Hamilton, Katherine M. Reed, Robert M. Thorson   reviewed work
Peter Lea
The Permafrost Environment. By Stuart A. Harris   reviewed work
Oscar J. Ferrians, Jr.