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Vol. 20, No. 2, 1988

Environmental Limits of Needle Ice: A Global Survey  
D. M. Lawler
Rock Glacier Appearance Level and Rock Glacier Initiation Line Altitude: A Methodological Approach to the Study of Rock Glaciers  
Ole Humlum
Glacier Inventory for the Northern Patagonia Icefield, Chile, and Variations 1944/45 to 1985/86  
Masamu Aniya
Soil Evidence for Postglacial Forest-Grassland Fluctuation in the Absaroka Mountains of Northwestern Wyoming, U.S.A.  
Richard G. Reider, Gary A. Huckleberry, George C. Frison
Large-Scale Changes in Atmospheric Circulation Interpreted from Patterns of Tree Growth at Churchill, Manitoba, Canada  
Peter A. Scott, David C. F. Fayle, Catherine V. Bentley, Roger I. C. Hansell
The Influence of an Arctic Large-Lakes System on Mesoclimate in South-Central Baffin Island, N.W.T., Canada  
John D. Jacobs, Lorraine D. Grondin
Evaporation from Mackenzie Delta Lakes, N.W.T., Canada  
P. Marsh, S. C. Bigras
Succession after Disturbance of a New Zealand High-Alpine Cushionfield  
Stephen H. Roxburgh, J. Bastow Wilson, Alan F. Mark
Growth and Ecology of Rhizocarpon Section Rhizocarpon on Mount Kenya, East Africa  
John R. Spence, William C. Mahaney
The Solar Resetting of Thermoluminescence of Sediments in a Glacier-Dominated Fiord Environment in Spitsbergen: Geochronologic Implications  
Steven L. Forman
John H. Mercer, 1922-1987  
John T. Hollin
Glacio-Fluvial Sediment Transfer: An Alpine Perspective. By A. M. Gurnell, M. J. Clark   reviewed work
Olav Slaymaker
Remote Sensing Applications in Meteorology and Climatology. By Robin A. Vaughan   reviewed work
Robert G. Crane
Antarctic Treaty System: An Assessment. Proceedings of a Workshop Held at Beardmore South Field Camp, Antarctica, January 7-13, 1985. By Polar Research Board   reviewed work
William S. Benninghoff
The Antarctic Treaty Regime, Law, Environment and Resources. By Gillian D. Triggs   reviewed work
Emanuel D. Rudolph
Arctic Air Pollution. By B. Stonehouse   reviewed work
G. Bruce Wiersma
Quaternary Glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere. Report of the International Geological Correlation Programme: Project 24 (International Union of Geological Sciences and UNESCO). By V. Sibrava, D. Q. Bowen, G. M. Richmond   reviewed work
Steven L. Forman