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Vol. 20, No. 4, 1988

Errata: Regional Variations in Rates of Pedogenesis and the Influence of Climatic Factors on Moraine Chronosequences, Southern Norway  
Reconstructing Summer Temperatures in Northern Fennoscandinavia Back to A.D. 1700 Using Tree-Ring Data from Scots Pine  
K. R. Briffa, P. D. Jones, J. R. Pilcher, M. K. Hughes
Occurrence and Potential Significance of Warm Weather during Winter in the Eastern Canadian Arctic  
Robert Gilbert, Cheryl McKenna Neuman
Global Alpine Glacier Trends, 1960s to 1980s  
Fred B. Wood
Morphology, Surface Characteristics, and Flow Velocity of Soler Glacier, Patagonia  
Masamu Aniya, Gino Casassa, Renji Naruse
Diurnal Frost-Heave Activity in the Sør-Rondane Mountains, Antarctica  
Norikazu Matsuoka, Kiichi Moriwaki, Kazuomi Hirakawa
Mountain-Top Riming at Sites in California and Nevada, U.S.A.  
Neil H. Berg
Contemporary Pollen Rain across the Central Sierra Nevada, California, U.S.A.: Relationship to Modern Vegetation Types  
R. Scott Anderson, Owen K. Davis
Genetic Variation in Engelmann Spruce Associated with Variation in Soil Moisture  
H. P. Stutz, J. B. Mitton
Comparison of Methods for Extracting Adenosine Triphosphate from Three High-Latitude Soils  
S. D. Sparrow, M. Redlin, Elena B. Sparrow
Soil Catena Chronosequences on Eastern Sierra Nevada Moraines, California, U.S.A.  
P. W. Birkeland, R. M. Burke
Soil Solution Chemistry in an Alpine Watershed, Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A.  
M. Iggy Litaor
Diel Variations in Iron Chemistry in an Acidic Stream in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.  
Diane McKnight, Kenneth E. Bencala
Chemistry of Soil Solutions. By Adel M. Elprince   reviewed work
M. Iggy Litaor
Life in the Cold: An Introduction to Winter Ecology. By Peter J. Marchand   reviewed work
Bruce A. Wunder
Overland to Starvation Cove: With the Inuit in Search of Franklin, 1878-1880. By H. Klutschak, William Barr   reviewed work
Raymond S. Bradley
Vegetationsentwicklungen auf Skipistenplanierungen in der alpinen Stufe bei Davos. By Edwin Meisterhans   reviewed work
Jack Major
Auswirkungen des Skibetriebes auf subalpine Heuwiesen bei Davos. By Hanna Meisterhans-Kronenberg   reviewed work
Jack Major
Periglacial Processes and Landforms in Britain and Ireland. By John Boardman   reviewed work
J. T. Andrews
Sea-Level Research: A Manual for the Collection and Evaluation of Data. By Orson van der Plassche   reviewed work
John T. Hollin
Sea Surface Studies: A Global View. By R. J. N. Devoy   reviewed work
John T. Hollin
Responding to Changes in Sea Level: Engineering Implications.   reviewed work
John T. Hollin
Committee on Engineering Implications of Changes in Relative Mean Sea Level   reviewed work
John T. Hollin