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Vol. 22, No. 2, 1990

Lichen Growth Rates for the Northwest Coast of Spitsbergen, Svalbard  
Al Werner
Geochemistry of Subglacial Calcites: Implications for the Hydrology of the Basal Water Film  
Martin Sharp, Jean-Louis Tison, Ghislaine Fierens
Comparison of Melt Energy Computations and Ablatometer Measurements on Melting Ice and Snow  
D. Scott Munro
Hydrological Regime of Lakes in the Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories, Canada  
Steven C. Bigras
A Ground-Penetrating Radar Study of Active Layer Thicknesses in Areas of Moist Sedge and Wet Sedge Tundra near Bethel, Alaska, U.S.A.  
J. A. Doolittle, M. A. Hardisky, M. F. Gross
Woody Debris, Sediment, and Riparian Vegetation of a Subalpine River, Montana, U.S.A.  
George P. Malanson, David R. Butler
Plant and Soil Groups in the Alpine Grasslands of the Vanoise Massif, French Alps  
Pierre Gensac
Polar Ecology. By B. Stonehouse   reviewed work
Marilyn Walker
Proceedings of the Sixth Conference of the Comite Arctique International, 13-15 May 1985. By Louis Rey, Vera Alexander   reviewed work
Rita Horner
Microbial Ecosystems of Antarctica. By Warwick F. Vincent   reviewed work
Diana W. Freckman
Late Quaternary Sea-Level Correlation and Applications. Walter S. Newman Memorial Volume. By D. B. Scott, P. A. Pirazzoli, C. A. Honig   reviewed work
Paul J. Hearty
The Arctic. By H. G. R. King   reviewed work
Martha Andrews
Greenhouse: Planning for Climate Change. By G. I. Pearman   reviewed work
Vera Markgraf
In Memoriam: John Winton Marr, 16 May 1914-12 October 1989  
David J. Cooper, Beatrice E. Willard, David L. Buckner