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Vol. 22, No. 4, 1990

Subglacial Consolidation of Fine-Grained Stratified Sediments: A Neglected Tool in Reconstructing Ice-Thickness in Pleistocene Valley Glaciers  
G. van Gelder, L. W. S. de Graaff, E. Schurink
The Extent of Late Cenozoic Glaciation in the Central Highlands of Tasmania, Australia  
Kevin Kiernan
Soil-Age Relationships on Late Quaternary Moraines, Arrowsmith Range, Southern Alps, New Zealand  
D. T. Rodbell
Minimum Altitudes for Former Periglacial Landforms Adjacent to Longitude 106°W in Colorado and New Mexico, USA, between Latitudes 33°N and 40°N  
Margaret E. Marker
A Revised Lichenometric Method and Its Application Dating Great past Earthquakes  
Tatjana Yu. Smirnova, Andrej A. Nikonov
Geological and Sociological Aspects of Epilithic Lichen Ecology at Qaanaaq (Thule), Northwestern Greenland  
Eric Steen Hansen, Peter Robert Dawes
Thermophilic Bacteria among Arctic, Subarctic, and Alpine Habitats  
William L. Boyd, David R. Onn, Josephine W. Boyd
Growth of Subalpine Shrubs and Snowgrass Following a Rare Occurrence of Frost and Drought in Southeastern Australia  
R. J. Williams
Winter: An Ecological Handbook. By James C. Halfpenny, Roy Douglas Ozanne   reviewed work
Alfred Stamm, Peter Weber
Alpine Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains. By Joseph F. Duft, Robert K. Mosley   reviewed work
David J. Cooper
Field Guide to the Peat Mosses of Boreal North America. By Cyrus B. McQueen   reviewed work
William A. Weber
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