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Vol. 24, No. 1, 1992

Footprints in the Snow: High-Altitude Cultural Ecology of the Colorado Front Range, U.S.A.  
James B. Benedict
Structure, Disturbance, and Change in the Bristlecone Pine Forests of Colorado, U.S.A.  
William L. Baker
Soils of Cinnabar Park, Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming, U.S.A.: Indicators of Park Origin and Persistence  
William R. Doering, Richard G. Reider
Black Spruce Growth Forms as a Record of a Changing Winter Environment at Treeline, Quebec, Canada  
Claude Lavoie, Serge Payette
Dating with Cushion Plants: Establishment of a Silene acaulis Growth Curve in the Canadian Rockies  
Daniel P. McCarthy
Late Quaternary Pollen Records from Oil Lake and Feniak Lake, Alaska, U.S.A.  
Wendy R. Eisner, Paul A. Colinvaux
A Chemical Survey of Remote Lakes of the Alagnak and Naknek River Systems, Southwest Alaska, U.S.A.  
Andrew J. Gunther
Resistance and Resilience of Tundra Plant Communities to Disturbance by Winter Seismic Vehicles  
Nancy A. Felix, Martha K. Raynolds, Janet C. Jorgenson, Kristen E. DuBois
Effects of Clipping on Aboveground Plant Biomass and Total Herbage Yields in a Grassland above Treeline in Central Himalaya, India  
Jeet Ram
The Genus Primula as a Model for Evolution in the Alaskan Flora  
Sylvia Kelso
Extracellular Protease-Producing Psychrotrophic Bacteria from High Alpine Habitats  
Franz Schinner, Rosa Margesin, Thomas Pümpel
Pergélisol: Canada: Actes de la cinquième conférence canadienne sur le pergélisol/Permafrost: Canada: Proceedings of the Fifth Canadian Permafrost Conference.   reviewed work
Sidney E. White
Geological History of the Polar Oceans: Arctic versus Antarctic. By Ulrich Bleil, Jorn Thiede   reviewed work
J. T. Andrews
Subantarctic Macquarie Island: Environment and Biology. By P. M. Selkirk, R. D. Seppelt, D. R. Selkirk   reviewed work
John R. Spence
Erratum: The Lichenicolous Fungi of Greenland  
Die Gletscher der Bolivanischen Anden. By Ekkehard Jordan   reviewed work
Uwe Radok