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Vol. 24, No. 2, 1992

The Origin of Regional Ecological Problems within the Northern Tyumen Oblast, Russia  
Gregory E. Vilchek, Olga Yu. Bykova
Genesis of Buried Paleosols and Soils in Holocene and Late Pleistocene Tills, Bugaboo Glacier Area, British Columbia, Canada  
Eric T. Karlstrom, Gerald Osborn
Contrasting Response of South Greenland Glaciers to Recent Climatic Change  
Charles R. Warren, Neil F. Glasser
Late Quaternary Beetle Faunas of Southwestern Alaska: Evidence of a Refugium for Mesic and Hygrophilous Species  
Scott A. Elias
Snow Distribution and Heat Flow in the Taiga  
Matthew Sturm
Hydrochemical Fluxes in a High Arctic Wetland Basin during Spring Snowmelt  
J. M. Buttle, K. E. Fraser
The Development of Ice-Made Ramparts on Lake Kussharo, Hokkaido, Japan  
Tatsumi Sasaki
A Ground-Penetrating Radar Study of Goodream Palsas, Newfoundland, Canada  
J. A. Doolittle, M. A. Hardisky, S. Black
Recent Developments in the Commerce in Narwhal Ivory from the Canadian Arctic  
Randall R. Reeves
A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide to the Southern Rockies: The Rocky Mountain Regions of Southern Wyoming, Colorado, and Northern New Mexico. By Audrey DeLella Benedict   reviewed work
David M. Armstrong
The Growth and Decay of Ice. By G. S. H. Lock   reviewed work
Charles A. Knight
Erratum: Die Gletscher der Bolivanischen Anden