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Vol. 24, No. 3, 1992

Observations of Bed Load Transport and Channel Bed Changes in a Proglacial Mountain Stream  
Jeff Warburton
Sources, Sinks, and Fluxes of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Subarctic Fen Catchments  
J.-F. Koprivnjak, T. R. Moore
Inputs and Storage of Nitrogen in Winter Snowpack in an Alpine Ecosystem  
William D. Bowman
The Influence of Tree Islands and Microtopography on Pedoecological Conditions in the Forest-Alpine Tundra Ecotone on Niwot Ridge, Colorado Front Range, U.S.A.  
Friedrich-Karl Holtmeier, Gabriele Broll
Preserved Insects and Physical Condition of Grasshopper Glacier, Carbon County, Montana, U.S.A.  
Jeffrey A. Lockwood, Scott P. Schell, James K. Wangberg, Larry D. DeBrey, William G. DeBrey, Charles R. Bomar
Responses of Diversity and Growth-Form Dominance to Fertility in Alaskan Tundra Fellfield Communities  
John F. Fox
Succession on an Alaskan Tundra Disturbance with and without Assisted Revegetation with Grass  
Roseann V. Densmore
Distribution Patterns of Cellular Slime Molds in the Kantishna Hills, Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, U.S.A.  
John C. Landolt, Steven L. Stephenson, Gary A. Laursen, Roseann Densmore
Paleoecology and Paleoclimatology of a Late Holocene Peat Deposit from Brœndevinsskœr, Central West Greenland  
Ole Bennike
The Oldest Known Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pines (Pinus aristata Engelm.)  
F. Craig Brunstein, David K. Yamaguchi
A Piston Corer for Lacustrine and Marine Sediments  
Atle Nesje
Back from the Brink: The Road to Muskox Conservation in the Northwest Territories. By William Barr   reviewed work
Philip N. Cronenwett
Unravelling the Franklin Mystery: The Inuit Testimony. By David C. Woodman   reviewed work
Clive Holland
Barrenland Beauties: Showy Plants of the Arctic Coast. By Page M. Burt   reviewed work
Sidney E. White
Aspects of Geomorphology and Thermoluminescence Dating of Cold-Climate Eolian Sands. By J. W. A. Dijkmans   reviewed work
Steven L. Forman
Climate Change: The IPCC Scientific Assessment. Report Prepared for IPCC Working Group 1. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. By J. T. Houghton, G. J. Jenkins, J. J. Ephraums   reviewed work
James W. C. White
Glacial Marine Sedimentation: Paleoclimatic Significance. By John B. Anderson, Gail M. Ashley   reviewed work
John T. Andrews
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