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Vol. 25, No. 1, 1993

Relative Rates of Glacial and Nonglacial Erosion in Alpine Environments  
Jon Harbor, Jeff Warburton
Human-Induced Secondary Succession in an Alpine Meadow of Central Himalaya, India  
H. C. Rikhari, G. C. S. Negi, Jeet Ram, S. P. Singh
Shoreline Shrub Population Extension in Response to Recent Isostatic Rebound in Eastern Hudson Bay, Quebec, Canada  
Iris von Mörs,Yves Bégin
Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Tree-Limit Surveillance during Recent Decades, Central Sweden  
Leif Kullman
Seasonal Changes in the Radiation Balance of Subarctic Forest and Tundra  
Peter M. Lafleur, Adrian V. Renzetti, Richard Bello
Effect of Site Disturbance on the Soil Thermal Regime near Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories, Canada  
H. Hayhoe, C. Tarnocai
Ecological Genetic Variation in Seed Banks. IV. Differentiation of Extant and Seed Bank-Derived Populations of Eriophorum vaginatum  
James B. McGraw
Extracellular Acid Phosphatase Activities in Eriophorum vaginatum Tussocks: A Modeling Synthesis  
Daryl L. Moorhead, Carolyn J. Kroehler, A. E. Linkins, James F. Reynolds
Design of Greenhouses for the Manipulation of Temperature in Tundra Plant Communities  
Edward M. Debevec, Stephen F. MacLean, Jr.
Estimating Ecesis for Tree-Ring Dating of Moraines: A Comparative Study from the Canadian Cordillera  
Daniel P. McCarthy, Brian H. Luckman
In Memoriam: Emanuel David Rudolph, 1927-1992  
Sidney E. White
In Memoriam: Richard Parker Goldthwait, 1911-1992  
Sidney E. White
Glacial Deposits in Great Britain and Ireland. By Jürgen Ehlers,Philip Gibbard, Jim Rose   reviewed work
Chalmers M. Clapperton
Ice Age Earth: Late Quaternary Geology and Climate. By Alastair G. Dawson   reviewed work
Darrell S. Kaufman
Mountain Weather and Climate. By Roger G. Barry   reviewed work
Anthony J. Brazel
Glacier Mass-Balance Measurements: A Manual for Field and Office Work. By G. Østrem,M. Brugman   reviewed work
Andrew G. Fountain
The Biology of Polar Bryophytes and Lichens. By R. E. Longton   reviewed work
John R. Spence
Erratum: Landform Selection and Soil Modifications Associated with Arctic Fox (Alopex lagopus) Den Sites in Yukon Territory, Canada