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Vol. 25, No. 2, 1993

Sediment Export by Ice Rafting from a Coastal Polynya, Arctic Alaska, U.S.A.  
Erk Reimnitz, Michael McCormick, Kristin McDougall, Elisabeth Brouwers
Location of Mechanical Controls on Columbia Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A., Prior to Its Rapid Retreat  
C. J. van der Veen, I. M. Whillans
Modern and Little Ice Age Equilibrium-Line Altitudes on Outlet Valley Glaciers from Jostedalsbreen, Western Norway: An Evaluation of Different Approaches to Their Calculation  
Ingrid Torsnes, Noralf Rye, Atle Nesje
An Inverse Relation between Frost Survival and Atmospheric Pressure  
S. Halloy, J. A. González
Plant Competition over Winter in Alpine Shrubland and Grassland, Snowy Mountains, Australia  
John J. G. Egerton, Scott D. Wilson
Lemming Grazing on Snowbed Vegetation during a Population Peak, Northern Norway  
Jon Moen, Peter A. Lundberg, Lauri Oksanen
Range Impacts Following the Introduction of Caribou on Southampton Island, Northwest Territories, Canada  
Jean-Pierre Ouellet, Douglas C. Heard, Stan Boutin
Response of an Alaska, U.S.A., Shrub-Tussock Community to Selected All-Terrain Vehicle Use  
Gary M. Ahlstrand, Charles H. Racine
A Taxonomic Revision of the Genus Antennaria (Asteraceae: Inuleae: Gnaphaliinae) of Alaska and Yukon Territory, Northwestern North America  
Randall J. Bayer
Arctic Ecosystems in a Changing Climate: An Ecophysiological Perspective. By F. S. Chapin III, Robert L. Jefferies, James F. Reynolds, Gaius R. Shaver, Josef Svoboda   reviewed work
T. V. Callaghan
Atlas of Paleoclimates and Paleoenvironments of the Northern Hemisphere: Late Pleistocene-Holocene. By B. Frenzel, M. Pecsi, A. A. Velichko   reviewed work
Scott A. Elias
Quaternary Ecology: A Paleoecological Perspective. By Hazel R. Delcourt, Paul A. Delcourt   reviewed work
T. R. Seastedt
Nuvendaltin Quht'ana: The People of Nondalton. By Linda J. Ellanna, Andrew Balluta   reviewed work
Ludger Müller-Wille
Brief Reviews and Book Notices   reviewed work