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Vol. 25, No. 3, 1993

Tropical Timberlines: Changes in Forest Structure and Regeneration between Two Peruvian Timberline Margins  
Kenneth R. Young
Alpine Treeline Growth Variability: Simulation Using an Ecosystem Process Model  
Louis A. Scuderi, Crystal Barker Schaaf, Karen U. Orth, Lawrence E. Band
Associations between Environmental Heterogeneity, Heterozygosity, and Growth Rates of Populus tremuloides in a Cordilleran Landscape  
Dennis E. Jelinski
Resynthesis in Pure Culture of a Common Subalpine Fungus-Root Association Using Phialocephala fortinii and Menziesia ferruginea (Ericaceae)  
Godo Stoyke, R. S. Currah
Estimates of Alpine Seed Bank Size in Two Central European and One Scandinavian Subarctic Plant Communities  
Matthias Diemer, Silvia Prock
Positive versus Negative Interactions in a High Alpine Block Field: Germination of Oxyria digyna Seeds in a Ranunculus glacialis Community  
Jon Moen
Seasonal Changes in Sugar and Starch Content of the Alpine Snowbed Plants, Primula cuneifolia ssp. hakusanensis and Fauria crista-galli, in Japan  
O. Shibata, T. Nishida
Plant Regrowth Following Selective Horse and Sheep Grazing and Clipping in an Indian Central Himalayan Alpine Meadow  
G. C. S. Negi, H. C. Rikhari, S. P. Singh
Serpentinite, Harzburgite, and Vegetation on Subantarctic Macquarie Island  
D. A. Adamson, J. M. Selkirk, R. D. Seppelt
Effects of Winter Inundation on Tundra Vegetation in Iceland: Implications for Hydroelectric Development in the Arctic  
Thora Ellen Thorhallsdottir
Spatial Heterogeneity of Summer Phytoplankton and Water Chemistry in a Large Volcanic Spring-fed Lake in Northern Iceland  
M. Dickman, K. Stewart, M. Servant-Vildary
Cyclic Development of Permafrost in the Peatlands of Northwestern Alberta, Canada  
S. C. Zoltai
Application of Oxygen-18 Tracer Techniques to Arctic Hydrological Processes  
Lee W. Cooper, Corina Solis, Douglas L. Kane, Larry D. Hinzman
Geology and Paleontology of the Ellsworth Mountains, West Antarctica. By G. F. Webers, C. Craddock, J. F. Splettstoeser   reviewed work
Wesley E. LeMasurier
Origin and Geography of Cultivated Plants. By N. I. Vavilov, Doris Löve,V. F. Dorofeyev   reviewed work
William A. Weber
Arctic Environment: Past, Present & Future. By M. K. Woo, D. J. Gregor   reviewed work
John D. Jacobs
Postglacial History of the Bowhead Whale and of Driftwood Penetration: Implications for Paleoclimate, Central Canadian Arctic. By Arthur S. Dyke, Thomas F. Morris   reviewed work
John J. Clague
The Last Interglacial-Glacial Transition in North America. By Peter U. Clark, Peter D. Lea   reviewed work
Parker E. Calkin
Field and Laboratory Studies of Patterned Ground in a Colorado Alpine Region. By James B. Benedict   reviewed work
Alfred Jahn
Modern and Ancient Continental Shelf Anoxia. By R. V. Tyson, T. H. Pearson   reviewed work
John T. Andrews