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Vol. 26, No. 1, 1994

The Bog Landforms of Continental Western Canada in Relation to Climate and Permafrost Patterns  
Dale H. Vitt, Linda A. Halsey, Stephen C. Zoltai
Short- and Long-Term Patterns of Soil Moisture in Alpine Tundra  
R. V. Taylor, T. R. Seastedt
Subnivean and Emergent Microclimate, Photosynthesis, and Growth in Erythronium grandiflorum Pursh, a Snowbank Geophyte  
Erik P. Hamerlynck, William K. Smith
Effects of Added Water on Photosynthesis of Bistorta vivipara: The Importance of Water Relations and Leaf Nitrogen in Two Alpine Communities, Pikes Peak, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Brian J. Enquist, James J. Ebersole
Snow Avalanches and Vegetation Pattern in Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, U.S.A.  
Robin S. Patten, Dennis H. Knight
Establishing Felt-Leaf Willow from Seed to Restore Alaskan, U.S.A., Floodplains  
David J. Cooper, Bruce P. Van Haveren
Patterns of Plant Distribution within Two Polar Desert Landscapes  
L. C. Bliss, G. H. R. Henry, J. Svoboda, D. I. Bliss
Stem Analysis of a Long-Lived Black Spruce Clone at Treeline  
Serge Payette, Ann Delwaide, Claude Morneau, Claude Lavoie
Summer Temperature Since 1600 for the Upper Kolyma Region, Northeastern Russia, Reconstructed from Tree Rings  
C. J. Earle, L. B. Brubaker, A. V. Lozhkin, P. M. Anderson
Influence of Climate, Time of Day and Season, and Flower Density on Insect Flower Visitation in Alpine Norway  
Ørjan Totland
Arthropod Fallout on High Alpine Snow Patches of the Central Pyrenees, Northeastern Spain  
Ramón J. Antor
Controls on Bedload Movement in a Subalpine Stream of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.  
Katherine A. Adenlof, Ellen E. Wohl
Evidence for Floating Ice Shelves in Franz Josef Land, Russian High Arctic  
J. A. Dowdeswell, M. R. Gorman, A. F. Glazovsky, Y. Y. Macheret
Climate Since A.D. 1500. By R. S. Bradley, P. D. Jones   reviewed work
Klaus Wolter
Periglacial Geomorphology. By John C. Dixon, Athol D. Abrahams   reviewed work
Larry W. Price
Climate and Sea Level Change: Observations, Projections and Implications. By R. A. Warrick, E. M. Barrow, T. M. L. Wigley   reviewed work
John T. Hollin
Start of a Glacial. By George J. Kukla, Ellen Went   reviewed work
John T. Hollin
Glaciers. By Michael Hambrey, Jürg Alean   reviewed work
Mark F. Meier
Erosion, Debris Flows and Environment in Mountain Regions. By D. E. Walling, T. R. Davis, B. Hasholt   reviewed work
Mark W. Williams
Glaciers-Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions. Proceedings of the International Symposium Held at St. Petersburg, 24-29 September 1990. By V. M. Kotlyakov, A. Ushakov, A. Glazovsky   reviewed work
Mark F. Meier