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Vol. 28, No. 2, 1996

Treeline Fluctuations Recorded for 12,500 Years by Soil Profiles, Pollen, and Plant Macrofossils in the Central Swiss Alps  
Willy Tinner, Brigitta Ammann, Peter Germann
Water Fern (Azolla filiculoides Lam.) in Southern Chile as an Index of Paleoenvironment during Early Deglaciation  
Calvin J. Heusser, George H. Denton, Arturo Hauser, Björn G. Andersen,Thomas V. Lowell
Minimum Area and Cover-Abundance Scales as Applied to Polar Desert Vegetation  
Esther Lévesque
Natural Revegetation on Borrow Pits and Vehicle Tracks in Shrub Tundra, 48 Years Following Construction of the CANOL No. 1 Pipeline, N.W.T., Canada  
Karen A. Harper, G. Peter Kershaw
Succession in the Hudson Bay Lowland, Northern Ontario, Canada  
Lee F. Klinger, Susan K. Short
White Spruce Light Rings in Northwestern Canada  
Julian M. Szeicz
Genetic Diversity and Ecotypic Differentiation in Arctic and Alpine Populations of Polygonum viviparum  
Martin R. Bauert
Micrometeorological Impacts on Insect Activity and Plant Reproductive Success in an Alpine Environment, Swedish Lapland  
Peter Bergman, Ulf Molau, Björn Holmgren
Tibetan Alpine Tundra Responses to Simulated Changes in Climate: Aboveground Biomass and Community Responses  
Yanqing Zhang, Jeffrey M. Welker
A Two-Year Record of Eolian Sedimentation in the Wind River Range, Wyoming, U.S.A.  
D. E. Dahms, C. L. Rawlins
Susceptibility of Permafrost Soils to Deep Thaw after Forest Fires in Interior Alaska, U.S.A., and Some Ecologic Implications  
David K. Swanson
Turf-Banked Terraces in Öraefi, Southeast Iceland: Morphometry, Rates of Movement, and Environmental Controls  
Terry D. Douglas, Stephan Harrison
Seasonal and Annual Dynamics of Frozen Ground in the Central Highland of Iceland  
T. E. Thórhallsdóttir
Field Observations of Sun Crust Formation in Hokkaido, Japan  
Toshihiro Ozeki, Eizi Akitaya
Dating in Exposed and Surface Contexts. By Charlotte Beck   reviewed work
Richard F. Madole
Herds of the Tundra: A Portrait of Saami Reindeer Pastoralism. By Robert Paine   reviewed work
Myrdene Anderson
Mountain Research in Europe: An Overview of MAB Research from the Pyrenees to Siberia. By M. F. Price   reviewed work
Tim Seastedt
Books Received