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Vol. 30, No. 1, 1998

Tree-Ring Growth and Structure of Pinus uncinata and Pinus sylvestris in the Central Spanish Pyrenees  
J. Julio Camarero, Joaquín Guerrero-Campo,Emilia Gutiérrez
Influence of the Dominant Grass Festuca varia Haenke on the Spatial Pattern of Alpine Grasslands in the Northwestern Caucasus, Russia  
Galina A. Pokarzhevskaya
Seasonality of Nutrient Availability in Soils of Subarctic Mountain Birch Woodlands, Swedish Lapland  
Martin Weih
Nitrogen and Carbon Soil Dynamics in Response to Climate Change in a High-Elevation Ecosystem in the Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.  
Mark W. Williams, Paul D. Brooks, Tim Seastedt
Effects of Established Willows on Primary Succession on Lyman Glacier Forefront, North Cascade Range, Washington, U.S.A.: Evidence for Simultaneous Canopy Inhibition and Soil Facilitation  
Ari Jumpponen, Kim Mattson, James M. Trappe, Rauni Ohtonen
Methodology and Implications of Maximum Paleodischarge Estimates for Mountain Channels, Upper Animas River Basin, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Jonathan Pruess, Ellen E. Wohl, Robert D. Jarrett
Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Late Holocene Rockfall Activity on a Norwegian Talus Slope: A Lichenometric and Simulation-Modeling Approach  
Danny McCarroll, Richard A. Shakesby, John A. Matthews
Modern Benthic Foraminifera off Novaya Zemlya Tidewater Glaciers, Russian Arctic  
Sergei Korsun, Morten Hald
Host-Specific Insect Herbivores as Sensors of Climate Change in Arctic and Alpine Environments  
Ian D. Hodkinson, Jeremy Bird
Projections of Sea-Level Change in Hudson and James Bays, Canada, Due to Global Warming  
William A. Gough
Three Holocene Tephras Identified in Lacustrine Sediment Cores from the Wonder Lake Area, Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, U.S.A.  
Jonathan K. Child, James E. Begét,Al Werner
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