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Vol. 30, No. 3, 1998

Prediction of Vegetation Patterns at the Limits of Plant Life: A New View of the Alpine-Nival Ecotone  
Michael Gottfried, Harald Pauli, Georg Grabherr
The Vegetation of the Subnival Belt of the Caucasus Mountains  
George Sh. Nakhutsrishvili
Demography of a Rare Endemic Myosotis: Boom and Bust in the High-Alpine Zone of Southern New Zealand  
R. J. Stanley, K. J. M. Dickinson, A. F. Mark
The Subalpine Climate at Smiggin Holes, Kosciusko National Park, Australia, and Its Influence on the Biology of Small Mammals  
D. C. D. Happold
Upland Tundra in the Foothills of the Brooks Range, Alaska, U.S.A.: Lichen Long-Term Photosynthetic CO2 Uptake and Net Carbon Gain  
Otto L. Lange, Sabine C. Hahn, Angelika Meyer, John D. Tenhunen
Oil Biodegradation Potential in Alpine Habitats  
R. Margesin, F. Schinner
Nitrogen Transformations in Alpine Talus Fields, Green Lakes Valley, Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Alisa J. Bieber, Mark W. Williams, Mark J. Johnsson, Thomas C. Davinroy
Evidence for an Early Neoglacial Glacier Advance from Rock Glaciers and Lake Sediments in the Sierra Nevada, California, U.S.A.  
Sarah K. Konrad, Douglas H. Clark
Spring and Summer Runoff Hydrology of a Subarctic Patterned Wetland  
William L. Quinton, Nigel T. Roulet
Active Layer Thermal Regime 1991-1996 at Qeqertarsuaq, Disko Island, Central West Greenland  
Ole Humlum
Global Change and Arctic Ecosystems: Conclusions and Predictions from Experiments with Terrestrial Invertebrates on Spitsbergen  
Ian D. Hodkinson, N. R. Webb, J. S. Bale, W. Block, S. J. Coulson, A. T. Strathdee
Antarctic Communities: Species, Structure and Survival. By B. Battaglia, J. Valencia, D. W. H. Walton   reviewed work
Daryl L. Moorhead
Snowcover Accumulation, Relocation and Management. By J. W. Pomeroy, D. M. Gray   reviewed work
Don Cline
Errata: Influence of the Dominant Grass Festuca varia Haenke on the Spatial Pattern of Alpine Grasslands in the Northwestern Caucasus, Russia