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Vol. 31, No. 1, 1999

Editor's Comment  
James P. Syvitski
Antarctic Science Then and Now  
John C. Behrendt
Effects of Changing Climate on Game-Animal and Human Use of the Colorado High Country (U.S.A.) Since 1000 BC  
James B. Benedict
The Effects of Mobile Tree Islands on Soil Phosphorus Concentrations and Distribution in an Alpine Tundra Ecosystem on Niwot Ridge, Colorado Front Range, U.S.A.  
Eva Rawlings Parker, Robert L. Sanford, Jr.
Exact Growth and Increased Nitrogen Compensation by the Arctic Sedge Carex aquatilis var. stans after Simulated Grazing  
Martin C. Raillard, Josef Svoboda
Ecological Significance of Different Growth Forms of Purple Saxifrage, Saxifraga oppositifolia L., in the High Arctic, Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard  
Atsushi Kume, Takayuki Nakatsubo, Yukiko Bekku, Takehiro Masuzawa
Infrared and Red Stimulated Luminescence Dating of Late Quaternary Near-Shore Sediments from Spitsbergen, Svalbard  
Steven L. Forman
High-Resolution Seismic Evidence for Multiple Glaciation across the Southwest Iceland Shelf  
James P. Syvitski, Anne E. Jennings, John T. Andrews
Hydrodynamics of a Supraglacial Lake and Its Effect on the Basin Expansion: Tsho Rolpa, Rolwaling Valley, Nepal Himalaya  
Kazuhisa Chikita, Jageshwar Jha, Tomomi Yamada
Lacustrine Bulk Organic δ13C in the British Isles during the Last Glacial-Holocene Transition (14-9 ka 14C BP)  
C. S. M. Turney
Paleolimnological Reconstruction of Holocene Climatic Trends from Two Boreal Treeline Lakes, Northwest Territories, Canada  
Reinhard Pienitz, John P. Smol, Glen M. MacDonald
Insights on the Climatic Constraints on the Beetle Fauna of Coastal Alaska, U.S.A., Derived from the Mutual Climatic Range Method of Paleoclimate Reconstruction  
Scott A. Elias, John T. Andrews, Katherine H. Anderson
Large-Scale Bedrock Displacement by Cirque Glaciers  
Matthew R. Bennett, David Huddart, Neil F. Glasser
Assessment of Bedload Delivery from Tributaries: The Drôme River Case, France  
Frédéric Liébault,Pierre Clément,Hervé Piégay,Norbert Landon
Innocents on the Ice: A Memoir of Antarctic Exploration, 1957. By John Behrendt   reviewed work
Alan K. Cooper
Mountains of the World: A Global Priority. By B. Messerli, J. D. Ives   reviewed work
Nel Caine
The Geology of Svalbard. By W. B. Harland   reviewed work
Morten Hald
Books Received