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Vol. 31, No. 3, 1999

AD 2002 Declared by United Nations as "International Year of the Mountains"  
Jack D. Ives, Bruno Messerli
Impact of River Discharge and Regional Climatology on the Decay of Sea Ice in the Laptev Sea during Spring and Early Summer  
Jörg Bareiss,Hajo Eicken, Alfred Helbig, Thomas Martin
Modeling the Determinants of Species Distributions in Antarctica  
Andrew D. Kennedy
Climatic Significance of Light Rings in Timberline Spruce, Picea abies, Austrian Alps  
Wolfgang Gindl
Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentration and Phytoplankton Biomass in High-Mountain Lakes of the Austrian Alps: Potential Effect of Climatic Warming on UV Underwater Attenuation  
Ruben Sommaruga, Roland Psenner, Ellen Schafferer, Karin A. Koinig, Sabine Sommaruga-Wögrath
Recovery of Productivity and Species Diversity in Tussock Tundra Following Disturbance  
Milan C. Vavrek, Ned Fetcher, James B. McGraw, G. R. Shaver, F. Stuart Chapin III, Brian Bovard
Effects of Temperature and Natural Disturbance on Growth, Reproduction, and Population Density in the Alpine Annual Hemiparasite Euphrasia frigida  
Jorun Nyléhn,Ørjan Totland
Soil and Plant CO2 Emission in Response to Variations in Soil Moisture and Temperature and to Amendment with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Carbon in Northern Scandinavia  
Lotte Illeris, Sven Jonasson
CO2 Flux in Arctic and Alpine Dry Tundra: Comparative Field Responses under Ambient and Experimentally Warmed Conditions  
J. M. Welker, K. B. Brown, J. T. Fahnestock
Impact of Precipitation and Grazing on the Water Vole in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana and Wyoming, U.S.A.  
Marion Klaus, Robert E. Moore, Ernest Vyse
Ski Slope Vegetation of Mount Hood, Oregon, U.S.A.  
Jonathan H. Titus, Shiro Tsuyuzaki
Mountain and Valley Winds of Lee Vining Canyon, Sierra Nevada, California, U.S.A.  
Craig B. Clements
Deglaciation and Postglacial Vegetation History of the West Mountains, West-Central Idaho, U.S.A.  
James P. Doerner, Paul E. Carrara
Evaluation of Topographic Models of Rockfall Travel Distance for Use in Hazard Applications  
Chris Keylock, Ulrik Domaas
Radio-Echo Sounding at the Mittivakkat Gletscher, Southeast Greenland  
Niels Tvis Knudsen, Bent Hasholt
Imaging the Arctic. By J. C. H. King, Henrietta Lidchi   reviewed work
Jill Oakes
Paleoclimatology: Reconstructing Climates of the Quaternary. By Raymond S. Bradley   reviewed work
Scott A. Elias
The Settlement of Iceland: A Critical Approach. Granastaðir and the Ecological Heritage. By Bjarni F. Einarsson   reviewed work
Astrid E. J. Ogilvie
Ocean, Ice, and Atmosphere: Interactions at the Antarctic Continental Margin. By Stanley S. Jacobs, Ray F. Weiss   reviewed work
Michael L. Van Woert
Addendum: Exact Growth and Increased Nitrogen Compensation by the Arctic Sedge Carex aquatilis var. stans after Simulated Grazing