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Vol. 31, No. 4, 1999

Mass Balance Features Derived from a Firn Core at Hielo Patagónico Norte, South America  
Kenichi Matsuoka, Renji Naruse
The Decrease in Summer Surface Water Temperature with Altitude in Swiss Alpine Lakes: A Comparison with Air Temperature Lapse Rates  
David M. Livingstone, André F. Lotter,Ian R. Walker
Diatom-Based Transfer Functions for Inferring past Climatic and Environmental Changes in Alaska, U.S.A.  
Irene Gregory-Eaves, John P. Smol, Bruce P. Finney, Mary E. Edwards
Late Wisconsin and Holocene Subalpine Forests of the Markagunt Plateau of Utah, Southwestern Colorado Plateau, U.S.A.  
R. Scott Anderson, Jim Hasbargen, Peter A. Koehler, Eric J. Feiler
Microscale Patterns of Tree Establishment near Upper Treeline, Snowy Range, Wyoming, U.S.A.  
W. H. Moir, Shannon G. Rochelle, A. W. Schoettle
Comparative Ordination of Low Arctic Vegetation Recovering from Disturbance: Reconciling Two Contrasting Approaches for Field Data Collection  
Bruce C. Forbes, Olga I. Sumina
Occurrence of Alnus-Infective Frankia and Trifolium-Infective Rhizobium in Circumpolar Soils  
Kerstin Huss-Danell, Halldor Sverrisson, Ann-Sofi Hahlin, Kjell Danell
Movement of Seeds by the Burrowing Activity of Mole-Voles on Disturbed Soil Mounds in the Spanish Pyrenees  
Daniel Gómez-García,Stella M. Giannoni, Ramón Reiné,Carlos E. Borghi
Wind and Water Erosion of a Peat and Sand Area on Subantarctic Macquarie Island  
J. M. Selkirk, L. J. Saffigna
Alpine Debris-Flows in Leirdalen, Jotunheimen, Norway, with Particular Reference to Distal Fans, Intermediate-Type Deposits, and Flow Types  
John A. Matthews, Richard A. Shakesby, Lindsey J. McEwen, Mark S. Berrisford, Geraint Owen, Philip Bevan
Animals as Erosion Agents in the Alpine Zone: Some Data and Observations from Canada, Lesotho, and Tibet  
Kevin Hall, Jan Boelhouwers, Kevin Driscoll
The Vegetation Types of Northeast Greenland: A Phytosociological Study Based Mainly on Material Left by Th. Sørensen from the 1931-1935 Expeditions. By Bent Fredskild   reviewed work
David F. Murray
Under Polaris: An Arctic Quest. By Tahoe Talbot Washburn   reviewed work
Scott Elias
Protecting the Arctic: Indigenous Peoples and Cultural Survival. By Mark Nuttall   reviewed work
Scott Elias
Voyage of the Belgica: Fifteen Months in the Antarctic. By Adrien de Gerlache, Maurice Raraty   reviewed work
Parker E. Calkin
Books Received