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Vol. 32, No. 2, 2000

Are Climate-Tree Growth Relationships Changing in North-Central Idaho, U.S.A.?  
Franco Biondi
Boundary Detection in Altitudinal Treeline Ecotones in the Spanish Central Pyrenees  
J. Julio Camarero, Emilia Gutiérrez,Marie-Josée Fortin
Periphyton Dynamics in a Subalpine Mountain Stream during Winter  
Gregory W. Gustina, James P. Hoffmann
Twentieth-Century Change in the Climate Record for the Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Nick Pepin
Simulation of Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in an Alpine Tundra  
Alexis H. Conley, Elisabeth A. Holland, T. R. Seastedt, W. J. Parton
The Influence of Permafrost and Fire upon Carbon Accumulation in High Boreal Peatlands, Northwest Territories, Canada  
S. D. Robinson, T. R. Moore
Response of Diatoms and Other Siliceous Indicators to the Developmental History of a Peatland in the Tiksi Forest, Siberia, Russia  
Kathleen Rühland,John P. Smol, J. P. Paul Jasinski, Barry G. Warner
Use of Soils to Identify Glacial Deposits of Various Ages East of Glacier National Park, Montana, U.S.A.  
Eric T. Karlstrom
Relations between Winter Climate and Ionic Variations in a Seven-Meter-Deep Snowpack at Okstindan, Norway  
Peter Raben, Wilfred H. Theakstone, Kjetil Tørseth
Retreat of Mediterranean Glaciers Since the Little Ice Age: Case Study of Ghiacciaio del Calderone, Central Apennines, Italy  
Maurizio D'Orefice, Massimo Pecci, Claudio Smiraglia, Renato Ventura
Gelifluction: Observations from Large-Scale Laboratory Simulations  
Charles Harris, Michael C. R. Davies
Responses of Floral Traits and Increase in Female Reproductive Effort to a Simulated Environmental Amelioration in a Hermaphrodite Alpine Dwarf Shrub, Sieversia pentapetala (Rosaceae)  
Naoya Wada
In Memoriam: Troy L. Péwé, 1918-1999  
Hugh French
Antarctic Sea Ice: Physical Processes, Interactions and Variability. By M. O. Jeffries   reviewed work
James A. Maslanik
Climate Change and Spatial Diversity of Vegetation during the Late Quaternary of Beringia. By Wendy R. Eisner   reviewed work
Nancy H. Bigelow
Submarines under Ice: The U.S. Navy's Polar Operations. By Marion D. Williams   reviewed work
Alfred S. McLaren
Numerical Ecology. By Pierre Legendre, Louis Legendre   reviewed work
Patrick Bourgeron
Tectonic Uplift and Climate Change. By William F. Ruddiman   reviewed work
Scott Elias
Geocryological Map of Russia and Neighbouring Republics: The English Language Edition. By   reviewed work
Jerry Brown