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Vol. 32, No. 3, 2000

Hierarchical Organization of Ecosystems at Multiple Spatial Scales on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska, U.S.A.  
M. T. Jorgenson
Alpine Vegetation, Plant Distribution, Life Forms, and Environments in a Perhumid New Zealand Region: Oceanic and Tropical High Mountain Affinities  
Alan F. Mark, Katharine J. M. Dickinson, Robert G. M. Hofstede
Occurrence of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi across a Range of Alpine Humus Soil Conditions in Kosciuszko National Park, Australia  
Stuart Johnston, Megan Ryan
Altitudinal Differences in Organic Matter Mass Loss and Fungal Biomass in a Subalpine Coniferous Forest, Mt. Fuji, Japan  
Masaki Uchida, Takayuki Nakatsubo, Yoshiko Kasai, Kaneyuki Nakane, Takao Horikoshi
Germination and Establishment of Seedlings on a Glacier Foreland in the Central Alps, Austria  
Ruth Niederfriniger Schlag, Brigitta Erschbamer
High Grazing Impact, Selectivity, and Local Density of Muskoxen in Central Ellesmere Island, Canadian High Arctic  
Martin Raillard, Josef Svoboda
Seasonal Changes in Sodium Metabolism in Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) in an Inland Area of Norway  
Hans Staaland, Knut Hove
A 403-Year Record of July Temperatures and Treeline Dynamics of Pinus sylvestris from the Kola Peninsula, Northwest Russia  
B. R. Gervais, G. M. MacDonald
Observations of Thermokarst and Its Impact on Boreal Forests in Alaska, U.S.A.  
T. E. Osterkamp, L. Viereck, Y. Shur, M. T. Jorgenson, C. Racine, A. Doyle, R. D. Boone
Recent Permafrost Dynamics in a Subarctic Floodplain Associated with Changing Water Levels, Québec, Canada  
Serge Payette, Ann Delwaide
A Quantitative Definition of Light Rings in Black Spruce (Picea mariana) at the Arctic Treeline in Northern Québec, Canada  
Lily Wang, Serge Payette, Yves Bégin
Sea-Level Variation in Hudson Bay, Canada, from Tide-Gauge Data  
William A. Gough, Carol A. Robinson
High-Resolution Measurements of Water Discharge, Sediment, and Solute Transport in the River Zackenbergelven, Northeast Greenland  
Morten Rasch, Bo Elberling, Bjarne Holm Jakobsen, Bent Hasholt
Climate-Warming Simulation in Tundra: Enhanced Precision and Repeatability with an Improved Infrared-Heating Device  
I. Nijs, F. Kockelbergh, M. Heuer, L. Beyens, K. Trappeniers, I. Impens
Challenges and Choices: Exploring the Interplay of Climate, History, and Culture on Canada's Labrador Coast  
Susan A. Kaplan, Jim M. Woollett
In Memoriam: Doris Löve, 1918-2000  
Lóa Löve Kaersvang,William A. Weber, Jack D. Ives
Glaciers. By Peter G. Knight   reviewed work
Mark Dyurgerov
Land-Ocean Systems in the Siberian Arctic, Dynamics and History. By H. Kassens, H. A. Baouch, I. A. Dmitrenko, H. Eicken, H.-W. Huberton, M. Melles, J. Theide, L. A. Timokhov   reviewed work
Steven L. Forman
Foothold on Antarctica: The First International Expedition (1949-1952) through the Eyes of Its Youngest Member. By Charles SwithinbankOn Floating Ice: Two Years on an Antarctic Ice-Shelf. By Joseph MacDowall   reviewed work
John T. Hollin
Ecosystem Dynamics in a Polar Desert: The McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. By John C. Priscu   reviewed work
Anne E. Hershey
Erratum: Holocene Treeline and Climate Change in the Subalpine Zone near Stoyoma Mountain, Cascade Mountains, Southwestern British Columbia, Canada