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Vol. 33, No. 3, 2001

Geomorphic Evidence for Late Glacial Ice Dynamics on Southern Baffin Island and in Outer Hudson Strait, Nunavut, Canada  
Johan Kleman, David Marchant, Ingmar Borgström
Microscopic Analyses of Quaternary Glacigenic Sediments of Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula  
John F. Hiemstra
Recent Retreat Glaciar Nef, Chilean Patagonia, Dated by Lichenometry and Dendrochronology  
Vanessa Winchester, Stephan Harrison, Charles R. Warren
Lake Level Changes Indicated by Dendrochronology on Subfossil Pine, Jämtland, Central Scandinavian Mountains, Sweden  
Björn E. Gunnarson
Soil Carbon Sequestration by Holocene Fires Inferred from Soil Charcoal in the Dry French Alps  
Christopher Carcaillet, Brigitte Talon
Zooplankton Assemblages Related to Environmental Characteristics in Treeline Ponds in Finnish Lapland  
Milla Rautio
Roles Played by Timing of Seedling Development and Host Identity in Determining Fitness of an Annual, Subarctic, Hemiparasitic Plant  
Brita M. Svensson, Wendy E. Seel, Carin H. Nilsson, Bengt Å. Carlsson
Microbiology and Vegetation of Micro-Oases and Polar Desert, Haughton Impact Crater, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada  
Charles S. Cockell, Pascal Lee, Andrew C. Schuerger, Loretta Hidalgo, Jeff A. Jones, M. Dale Stokes
Characteristics and Growth of a Snowdrift in Arctic Alaska, U.S.A.  
Matthew Sturm, Glen E. Liston, Carl S. Benson, Jon Holmgren
Experimental Evaluation of Shading Effects in Seasonal Dynamics of Four Alpine Communities in Northwestern Caucasus, Russia  
V. G. Onipchenko, M. S. Blinnikov, A. A. Aksenova
Restoration of an Alpine Disturbance: Differential Success of Species in Turf Transplants, Colorado, U.S.A.  
David B. Conlin, James J. Ebersole
Recovery in Alpine Heath and Grassland Following Burning and Grazing, Eastern Central Plateau, Tasmania, Australia  
K. L. Bridle, J. B. Kirkpatrick, P. Cullen, R. R. Shepherd
Vegetation Change and Ecological Processes in Alpine and Subalpine Sphagnum Bogs of the Bogong High Plains, Victoria, Australia  
C.-H. A. Wahren, R. J. Williams, W. A. Papst
Recent Forest Encroachment into Subalpine Grasslands near Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia  
Lynise J. Wearne, John W. Morgan
In Memoriam: Arturo Eduardo Corte, 1919-2001  
Dario Trombotto, Jerry Brown
Short Reviews and Books Received