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Vol. 33, No. 4, 2001

Special Issue:

Symposium: High-Mountain Lakes and Streams: Indicators of a Changing World, Nov., 2001

Ruben Sommaruga, Roland Psenner
Evolution of a High-Mountain Thermokarst Lake in the Swiss Alps  
A. Kääb,W. Haeberli
Spatial Scaling of Hydrological and Biogeochemical Aspects of High-Altitude Catchments in the Sierra Nevada, California, U.S.A.  
Al Leydecker, James O. Sickman, John M. Melack
Synoptic Survey of Surface Water Isotopes and Nutrient Concentrations, Páramo High-Elevation Region, Antisana Ecological Reserve, Ecuador  
Mark W. Williams, Eran W. Hood, Gustav Ostberg, Bernard Francou, Remigio Galarraga
The Influence of Catchment Characteristics on the Water Chemistry of Mountain Lakes  
Christian Kamenik, Roland Schmidt, Georg Kum, Roland Psenner
Precipitation and Dissolution of Calcite in a Swiss High Alpine Lake  
Christian Ohlendorf, Michael Sturm
Dominant Factors Controlling Variability in the Ionic Composition of West Greenland Lakes  
N. J. Anderson, R. Harriman, D. B. Ryves, S. T. Patrick
Photoreactivity of Dissolved Organic Matter from High-Mountain Lakes of Sierra Nevada, Spain  
I. Reche, E. Pulido-Villena, J. M. Conde-Porcuna, P. Carrillo
Sediment Yield Variation in Small Catchments with Different Bedrock in a Humid Temperate Region  
Takeshi Noda, Shin'ichi Onodera, Takashi Hirose, Tomohiro Naruoka
Long-Term Dynamics of the Channel Network in a Glacial Floodplain, Val Roseg, Switzerland  
Rainer Zah, Markus Niederöst,Heiko Rinderspacher, Urs Uehlinger, J. V. Ward
Algal Communities Associated with Different Alpine Stream Types  
Mäggi Hieber,Christopher T. Robinson, Samuel R. Rushforth, Urs Uehlinger
A Comparison of Longitudinal Patterns in Hyporheic and Benthic Oligochaete Assemblages in a Glacial River  
Florian Malard, Michel Lafont, Peter Burgherr, J. V. Ward
Have Human Impacts Changed Alpine Zooplankton Diversity over the past 100 Years?  
Monika Winder, Michael T. Monaghan, Piet Spaak
Relationship between Spring Snow Depth and Growth of Brown Trout, Salmo trutta, in an Alpine Lake: Predicting Consequences of Climate Change  
Reidar Borgstrøm
A Late-Glacial: Holocene Fossil Insect Succession from Vallée des Merveilles, French Alps, and Its Paleoecological Implications  
Philippe Ponel, Franck Parchoux, Valérie Andrieu-Ponel,Imola Juhasz, Jacques-Louis de Beaulieu