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Vol. 34, No. 1, 2002

Editorial: United Nations International Year of the Mountains  
Mark W. Williams
Modeling Climate Conditions Required for Glacier Formation in Cirques of the Rassepautasjtjåkka Massif, Northern Sweden  
Regine Hock, Margareta Johansson, Peter Jansson, Lars Bärring
Distribution Characteristics and Energy Balance of Ice Cliffs on Debris-Covered Glaciers, Nepal Himalaya  
Akiko Sakai, Masayoshi Nakawo, Koji Fujita
The Thermal Effect of Melting Snow/Ice Surface on Lower Atmospheric Temperature  
Yukari Takeuchi, Yuji Kodama, Nobuyoshi Ishikawa
Modern Pollen Assemblages in Lake Sediments from the Canadian Arctic  
K. Gajewski
Eolian Deposition of Forest-Fire Charcoal above Tree Limit, Colorado Front Range, U.S.A.: Potential Contamination of AMS Radiocarbon Samples  
James B. Benedict
Timing of Postglacial Cirque Reoccupation in the Northern Uinta Mountains, Northeastern Utah, U.S.A.  
J. S. Munroe
A Half Century of Change in Alpine Treeline Patterns at Glacier National Park, Montana, U.S.A.  
Frederick L. Klasner, Daniel B. Fagre
Betula ermanii, a Dominant Subalpine and Subarctic Treeline Tree Species in Japan: Ecological Traits of Deciduous Tree Life in Winter  
Dirk Gansert
Weathering Characteristics of the Glacial Drifts, Bunger Hills, East Antarctica  
Paul C. Augustinus
Surface Age, Ecosystem Development, and C Isotope Signatures of Respired CO2 in an Alpine Environment, North Iceland  
Philip A. Wookey, Roland A. Bol, Christopher J. Caseldine, Douglas D. Harkness
Characterization of Heterotrophic Microorganisms in Alpine Glacier Cryoconite  
R. Margesin, G. Zacke, F. Schinner
Testate Amoebae Assemblages from Soils in the Zackenberg Area, Northeast Greenland  
Koen Trappeniers, Andy Van Kerckvoorde, Didier Chardez, Ivan Nijs, Louis Beyens
Plant Community Composition and Biomass on Calcareous and Siliceous Substrates in the Northern French Alps: Comparative Effects of Soil Chemistry and Water Status  
Richard Michalet, Cécile Gandoy,Didier Joud, Jean-Philippe Pagès,Philippe Choler
Flowers in the Snow: The Life of Isobel Wylie Hutchison. By Gwyneth Hoyle   reviewed work
Evelyn Kaye
Permafort: A Guide to Frozen Ground in Transition. By Neil Davis   reviewed work
Tingjun Zhang
Structure and Function of an Alpine Ecosystem, Niwot Ridge, Colorado. By William D. Bowman, Timothy R. Seastedt   reviewed work
Diane Ebert-May
Books Received