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Vol. 34, No. 4, 2002

Editorial: Understanding and Managing Impacts of Recreation Use in Mountain Environments  
David J. Parsons
Trampling Disturbance of High-Elevation Vegetation, Wind River Mountains, Wyoming, U.S.A.  
David N. Cole, Christopher A. Monz
Effects of Trampling on Vegetation above the Timberline in the Eastern Alps, Austria  
Brigitte Klug, Gabriele Scharfetter-Lehrl, Ernst Scharfetter
Recovery of Alpine Vegetation on Small, Denuded Plots, Niwot Ridge, Colorado, U.S.A.  
James J. Ebersole
Factors Controlling Species Richness in Alpine Plant Communities: An Assessment of the Importance of Stress and Disturbance  
Peter M. Kammer, Adrian Möhl
Conservation Genetics and Population History of Betula nana, Vaccinium uliginosum, and Campanula rotundifolia in the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard  
Inger Greve Alsos, Torstein Engelskjøn,Christian Brochmann
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Sandy Soils in Iceland  
Sigurdur Greipsson, Hanan El-Mayas, Mauritz Vestberg, Christopher Walker
The Frequency of the Fungal Pathogen Exobasidium splendidum in Two Natural Stands of the Host Vaccinium vitis-idaea in the Subarctic Timberline Area  
Tuija Pehkonen, Hanna Ranta, Anne Tolvanen, Kari Laine
Low Winter Soil Temperature Affects Summertime Nutrient Uptake Capacity and Growth Rate of Mountain Birch Seedlings in the Subarctic, Swedish Lapland  
Martin Weih, P. Staffan Karlsson
Twentieth-Century Scots Pine Growth Variations in the Central Scandinavian Mountains Related to Climate Change  
Hans W. Linderholm
Blue Reflectance Provides a Surrogate for Latewood Density of High-Latitude Pine Tree Rings  
D. McCarroll, E. Pettigrew, A. Luckman, F. Guibal, J.-L. Edouard
Evaluation of Limnological Responses to Recent Environmental Change and Caribou Activity in the Rivière George Region, Northern Québec, Canada  
Tamsin E. Laing, Reinhard Pienitz, Serge Payette
Sediment Inclusions in Alaskan Coastal Sea Ice: Spatial Distribution, Interannual Variability, and Entrainment Requirements  
Aaron P. Stierle, Hajo Eicken
Energy Balance of a Glacier Surface: Analysis of Automatic Weather Station Data from the Morteratschgletscher, Switzerland  
J. Oerlemans, E. J. Klok
Erratum: Holocene Gorge Excavation Linked to Boulder Fan Formation and Frost Weathering in a Norwegian Alpine Periglaciofluvial System  
Snow Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Examination of Snow-Covered Ecosystems. By H. G. Jones, J. W. Pomeroy, D. A. Walker, R. W. Hoham   reviewed work
G. Peter Kershaw