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Vol. 35, No. 1, 2003

Effects of Climatic Conditions on Shoot Elongation of Alpine Dwarf Pine (Pinus pumila) at Its Upper and Lower Altitudinal Limits in Central Japan  
Koichi Takahashi
Rain-Shadow in the High Andes of Ecuador Evidenced by Páramo Vegetation  
Petr Sklenář, Simon Lægaard
Recent Changes in the Diatom Community Structure of Lakes in the Beartooth Mountain Range, U.S.A  
Jasmine E. Saros, Sebastian J. Interlandi, Alexander P. Wolfe, Daniel R. Engstrom
Sediment Trap Records of Glacimarine Sedimentation at Mueller Ice Shelf, Lallemand Fjord, Antarctic Peninsula  
Robert Gilbert, Åsa Chong, Robert B. Dunbar, Eugene W. Domack
Biomass and Enzyme Activity of Two Soil Transects at King George Island, Maritime Antarctica  
D. Tscherko, M. Bölter, L. Beyer, J. Chen, J. Elster, E. Kandeler, D. Kuhn, H.-P. Blume
Environmental and Spatial Influences of Shrub Cover (Alnus viridis DC.) on Vegetation Diversity at the Upper Treeline in the Inner Western Alps  
Fabien Anthelme, Richard Michalet, Luc Barbaro, Jean-Jacques Brun
Vegetation and Climate of the New Siberian Islands for the Past 15,000 Years  
V. M. Makeyev, D. P. Ponomareva, V. V. Pitulko, G. M. Chernova, D. V. Solovyeva
Eolian Response to Little Ice Age Climate Change, Tana Dunes, Chugach Mountains, Alaska, U.S.A  
Gregory C. Wiles, Ryan P. McAllister, Nicole K. Davi, Gordon C. Jacoby
Five Stages of the Alaskan Arctic Cold Season with Ecosystem Implications  
Peter Q. Olsson, Matthew Sturm, Charles H. Racine, Vladimir Romanovsky, Glen E. Liston
Magnitude and Frequency of Avalanches in Relation to Terrain and Forest Cover  
D. M. McClung
Snow-Patch Influence on Soil Biogeochemical Processes and Invertebrate Distribution in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica  
Michael N. Gooseff, J. E. Barrett, Peter T. Doran, Andrew G. Fountain, W. Berry Lyons, Andrew N. Parsons, Dorota L. Porazinska, Ross A. Virginia, Diana H. Wall
The Status, Habitat, and Response to Grazing of Water Vole Populations in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, U.S.A  
Marion Klaus
Paleolimnological Evidence from Diatoms for Recent Environmental Changes in 50 Lakes across Canadian Arctic Treeline  
Kathleen Rühland, Alisha Priesnitz, John P. Smol
The Arctic Voyages of Martin Frobisher: An Elizabethan Adventure. By Robert McGhee.   reviewed work
James P. M. Syvitski
Beatrice E. Willard, 1925–2003  
David J. Cooper