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Vol. 35, No. 3, 2003

Rapid Lacustrine Response to Recent High Arctic Warming: A Diatom Record from Sawtooth Lake, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut  
Bianca B. Perren, Raymond S. Bradley, Pierre Francus
Do Diatom, Chironomid, and Pollen Records Consistently Infer Holocene July Air Temperature? A Comparison Using Sediment Cores from Four Alpine Lakes in Northern Sweden  
Peter Rosén, Ulf Segerström, Lars Eriksson, Ingemar Renberg
Spatial Extent, Age, and Carbon Stocks in Drained Thaw Lake Basins on the Barrow Peninsula, Alaska  
Kenneth M. Hinkel, Wendy R. Eisner, James G. Bockheim, Frederick E. Nelson, Kim M. Peterson, Xiaoyan Dai
Physical Conditions, Carbon Transport, and Climate Change Impacts in a Northeast Greenland Fjord  
Søren Rysgaard, Torben Vang, Michael Stjernholm, Bjarke Rasmussen, Anders Windelin, Sissi Kiilsholm
Alpine Stream Habitat Classification: An Alternative Approach Incorporating the Role of Dynamic Water Source Contributions  
L. E. Brown, D. M. Hannah, A. M. Milner
Spatial Variation in Distribution and Growth Patterns of Old Growth Strip-Bark Pines  
Andrew G. Bunn, Rick L. Lawrence, Gabriel J. Bellante, Lindsey A. Waggoner, Lisa J. Graumlich
Factors Affecting the Distribution of Populus balsamifera on the North Slope of Alaska, U.S.A  
J. G. Bockheim, J. D. O'Brien, J. S. Munroe, K. M. Hinkel
Effects of Simulated Environmental Changes on Growth and Growth Form in a Late Snowbed Population of Pohlia wahlenbergii (Web. et Mohr) Andr  
Sylvi M. Sandvik, Einar Heegaard
Redistribution of Polychlorinated Biphenyls from a Local Point Source: Terrestrial Soil, Freshwater Sediment, and Vascular Plants as Indicators of the Halo Effect  
M. Dawn Pier, Alexandra A. Betts-Piper, Christopher C. Knowlton, Barbara A. Zeeb, Kenneth J. Reimer
The Role of Photoperiodism in Alpine Plant Development  
Franziska Keller, Christian Körner
Floral Herbivory of Dryas Octopetala by Svalbard Reindeer  
Elisabeth J. Cooper, Philip A. Wookey
Carbon Isotope Discrimination in Diverging Growth Forms of Saxifraga oppositifolia in Different Successional Stages in a High Arctic Glacier Foreland  
Atsushi Kume, Yukiko S. Bekku, Yuko T. Hanba, Hiroshi Kanda
Vegetation as an Ecological Indicator of Surface Instability in Rock Glaciers  
Nicoletta Cannone, Renato Gerdol
Late Quaternary Glacial and Environmental History of the Burstall Pass Area, Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada  
Brandon D. Beierle, Derald G. Smith, Leonard V. Hills
Ion Content of the Snowpack on Franz Josef Land, Russia  
Ulrike Nickus
Plant Life of the Quaternary Cold Stages: Evidence from the British Isles. By Richard G. West.   reviewed work
Robert E. Nelson
Lichens of Antarctica and South Georgia: A Guide to Their Identification and Ecology. By D. O. Øvstedal and R. I. Lewis Smith.   reviewed work
E. Imre Friedmann