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Vol. 35, No. 4, 2003

Variability of Heat Tolerance in Alpine Plant Species Measured at Different Altitudes  
O. Buchner, G. Neuner
Effects of Grizzly Bear Digging on Alpine Plant Community Structure  
Daniel F. Doak, Michael G. Loso
Genetic Variability and Its Ecological Implications in the Clonal Plant Carex scopulorum Holm. in Colorado Tundra  
Yan B. Linhart, Janet L. Gehring
Patterns of Shrub Invasion into High Mountain Grasslands of the Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria  
S. Dullinger, T. Dirnböck, G. Grabherr
Impact of Trampling on the Vegetation of Subantarctic Marion Island  
N. J. M. Gremmen, V. R. Smith, O. F. R. van Tongeren
Ecophysiology of Dominant Plant Species during Old-Field Succession in a High Tropical Andean Ecosystem  
L. D. Llambí, M. Fontaine, F. Rada, B. Saugier, L. Sarmiento
Edge Effects on Stand Structure and Regeneration in a Subalpine Coniferous Forest on Mt. Fuji, Japan, 30 Years after Road Construction  
Takuo Nagaike
Interglacial Extension of the Boreal Forest Limit in the Noatak Valley, Northwest Alaska: Evidence from an Exhumed River-Cut Bluff and Debris Apron  
Mary E. Edwards, Thomas D. Hamilton, Scott A. Elias, Nancy H. Bigelow, Andrea P. Krumhardt
Pollen Dispersal and Deposition on the Ice Cap of Volcán Parinacota, Southwestern Bolivia  
Carl A. Reese, Kam-biu Liu, Keith R. Mountain
The Energy Balance of Calved Ice in Lake Jökulsarlon, Iceland  
Barbara Landl, Helgi Björnsson, Michael Kuhn
Hess Altitudes and Other Morphological Estimators of Glacier Equilibrium Lines  
J. Graham Cogley, M. S. McIntyre
Estimates of Little Ice Age Climate Inferred through Historical Rephotography, Northern Uinta Mountains, U.S.A  
Jeffrey S. Munroe
Influence of Nitrogen on Phytoplankton Biomass and Community Composition in Fifteen Snowy Range Lakes (Wyoming, U.S.A.)  
Brenda Moraska Lafrancois, Koren R. Nydick, Bethany Caruso
Limnological Characteristics of 22 Lakes and Ponds in the Haughton Crater Region of Devon Island, Nunavut, Canadian High Arctic  
Darlene S. S. Lim, Marianne S. V. Douglas
Reconstruction of Holocene Climate Change Using Multiproxy Analysis of Sediments from Pyramid Lake, British Columbia, Canada  
D. Mazzucchi, I. S. Spooner, R. Gilbert, G. Osborn
Winter Air Temperature Change over the Terrestrial Arctic, 1961-1990  
Michael A. Rawlins, Cort J. Willmott
Errata: The Influence of Abiotic Factors on Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Different Types of Vegetation in the High Arctic, Svalbard  
Errata: Floral Herbivory of Dryas octopetala by Svalbard Reindee  
In the Teeth of the Wind: South through the Pole. By Alain Hubert and Dixie Dansercoer with Michel Brent.   reviewed work
Detlev Helmig
William Bradford: Sailing Ships and Arctic Seas. By Richard C. Kugler, with contributions from Eric A. R. Ronnberg Jr., Adam Greenhalgh, and R. M. Riefstahl.   reviewed work
Mark Meier
Sea Ice: An Introduction to Its Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology. Edited by D. N. Thomas and G. Dieckmann.   reviewed work
Irina Overeem