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Vol. 37, No. 1, 2005

Freezing of Subarctic Hillslopes, Wolf Creek Basin, Yukon, Canada  
Sean K. Carey, Ming-ko Woo
Ultraviolet Radiation and Plant Frost Hardiness in the Subarctic  
Kari Taulavuori, Erja Taulavuori, Kari Laine
Daily Weather and Tree Growth at the Tropical Treeline of North America  
Franco Biondi, Peter C. Hartsough, Ignacio Galindo Estrada
Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity of Vegetation Properties among Four Tundra Plant Communities at Ivotuk, Alaska, U.S.A  
Sebastian M. Riedel, Howard E. Epstein, Donald A. Walker, David L. Richardson, Monika P. Calef, Erika Edwards, Amber Moody
Mechanical Damage on Abies Mariesii Trees Buried below the Snowpack  
Takeshi Seki, Takuya Kajimoto, Hisashi Sugita, Hiromu Daimaru, Shigeto Ikeda, Tohru Okamoto
Increasing Population Density and Seed Production with Altitude in Eritrichium Nanum (Boraginaceae)- an Arctic Alpine Obligatory Seeder  
Heinrich Zoller, Heiner Lenzin, Hans-Peter Rusterholz, Jürg Stöcklin
Palsa Development and Associated Vegetation in Northern Sweden  
Frieda S. Zuidhoff, Else Kolstrup
Differences in Surface Roughness, Energy, and CO2 Fluxes in Two Moist Tundra Vegetation Types, Kuparuk Watershed, Alaska,U.S.A  
Werner Eugster, Joseph P. McFadden, F. Stuart Chapin III‡
Long-Term Symptoms Due to Metal and Acid Precipitation Treatments in Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) Needles in the Subarctic  
E. Kukkola, P. Rautio, S. Huttunen
Rates of Chemical and Mechanical Fluvial Denudation in an Arctic Oceanic Periglacial Environment, Latnjavagge Drainage Basin, Northernmost Swedish Lapland  
Achim A. Beylich, Ulf Molau, Karin Luthbom, Dorothea Gintz
Factors Determining Alpine Species Distribution on Goliath Peak, Front Range, Colorado, U.S.A  
Richard L. Boyce, Rebecca Clark, Carol Dawson
Positive Feedback Between Tree Establishment and Patterns of Subalpine Forest Advancement, Glacier National Park, Montana,U.S.A  
Matthew F. Bekker
Potential Soil Organic Matter Turnover in Taylor Valley, Antarctica  
J. E. Barrett, Ross A. Virginia, Andrew N. Parsons, Diana H. Wall
The Role of Soil Organic Matter Quality and Physical Environment for Nitrogen Mineralization at the Forest-Tundra Ecotone in Fennoscandia  
Sofie Sjögersten, Philip A. Wookey
Annual Development Cycle of an Icing Deposit and Associated Perennial Spring Activity on Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian High Arctic  
Jennifer L. Heldmann, Wayne H. Pollard, Christopher P. McKay, Dale T. Andersen, Owen B. Toon
German Exploration of the Polar World: A History. By David Thomas Murphy   reviewed work
Parker E. Calkin
South Georgia, Gateway to Antarctica. By Ludwig Kohl-Larsen (English translation by William Barr)   reviewed work
Wesley E. LeMasurier