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Vol. 37, No. 3, 2005

Goose-induced Changes in Vegetation and Land Cover between 1976 and 1997 in an Arctic Coastal Marsh  
Kenneth F. Abraham, Robert L. Jefferies, Robert F. Rockwell
Adjustment of Daily Precipitation Data at Barrow and Nome Alaska for 1995-2001  
Jennifer Benning, Daqing Yang
Differential Regional Treeline Dynamics in the Scandes Mountains  
Linda Dalen, Annika Hofgaard
Succession on Subalpine Placer Mine Spoil: Effects of Revegetation with Alnus viridis, Alaska, U.S.A  
Roseann V. Densmore
Climatic Controls on Streamflow and Suspended Sediment Transport in Three Large Middle Arctic Catchments, Boothia Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada  
Andrew C. Forbes, Scott F. Lamoureux
Near-surface Faceted Crystal Formation and Snow Stability in a High-latitude Maritime Snow Climate, Juneau, Alaska  
Eran Hood, Kent Scheler, Peter Carter
Marine Ice Modification of Fringing Ice Shelf Flow  
C. L. Hulbe, R. Johnston, I. Joughin, T. Scambos
The Importance of Nurse Associations for Three Tropical Alpine Life Forms  
Catherine Kleier, John G. Lambrinos
Planktonic and Epipelic Algal Communities and their Relationship to Physical and Chemical Variables in Alpine Ponds in Banff National Park, Canada  
Natalie L. McMaster, David W. Schindler
Data Mining and Scientific Data  
Ben Raymond, David J. Watts, Harry Burton, Jeremy Bonnice
Plant Functional Groups in Alpine Fellfield Habitats of the White Mountains, California  
Philip W. Rundel, Arthur C. Gibson, M. Rasoul Sharifi
Changes in Subantarctic Heard Island Vegetation at Sites Occupied by Poa annua, 1987-2000  
J. J. Scott, J. B. Kirkpatrick
Nitrogen Fixation in the High Arctic: Role of Vegetation and Environmental Conditions  
Matthias Zielke, Bjørn Solheim, Sigmund Spjelkavik, Rolf A. Olsen
Effects of Snowmelt Timing and Neighbor Density on the Altitudinal Distribution of Potentilla diversifolia in Western Colorado, U.S.A  
Kristina A. Stinson
400 Years of Debris-Flow Activity and Triggering Weather Conditions: Ritigraben, Valais, Switzerland  
M. Stoffel, I. Lièvre, D. Conus, M. A. Grichting, H. Raetzo, H. W. Gärtner, M. Monbaron
Contrasting Responses of Nitrogen-Fixation in Arctic Lichens to Experimental and Ambient Nitrogen and Phosphorus Availability  
Marissa Weiss, Sarah E. Hobbie, Gretchen M. Gettel
The Relict Mite Rhagidia gelida (Acari, Rhagidiidae) as a Biological Cryoindicator of Periglacial Microclimate in European Highland Screes  
Miloslav Zacharda, Martin Gude, Susanne Kraus, Christian Hauck, Roland Molenda, Vlastimil Růžička
Errata: Daily Weather and Tree Growth at the Tropical Treeline of North America. Franco Biondi, Peter C. Hartsough, and Ignacio Galindo Estrada 37(1): 16–24