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Vol. 37, No. 4, 2005

Radial Growth of Rhizocarpon Section Rhizocarpon Lichen Thalli over Six Years at Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascade Range, Washington State  
R. A. Armstrong
Late Pleistocene Glacial Geology of the Okpilak-Kongakut Rivers Region, Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska  
Nicholas L. Balascio, Darrell S. Kaufman, Jason P. Briner, William F. Manley
Tundra Game Drives: an Arctic-Alpine Comparison  
James B. Benedict
Microtopography and Plant-Cover Controls on Nitrogen Dynamics in Hummock Tundra Ecosystems in Siberia  
Christina Biasi, Wolfgang Wanek, Olga Rusalimova, Christina Kaiser, Hildegard Meyer, Pavel Barsukov, Andreas Richter
Consistent Shifts in Alpine Plant Traits along a Mesotopographical Gradient  
Philippe Choler
Changes of Humus Features along with a Successional Gradient of Rhododendron ferrugineum (L.) Populations (Subalpine Level, Northwestern Alps, France)  
Bernard Doche, Sébastien Franchini, André Pornon, Guy Lemperiere
Snowbeds on Silicate Rocks in the Upper Engadine (Central Alps, Switzerland)-Pedogenesis and Interactions among Soil, Vegetation, and Snow Cover  
Bettina Hiller, Andreas Nuebel, Gabriele Broll, Friedrich-Karl Holtmeier
An Extreme Sediment Transfer Event in a Canadian High Arctic Stream  
Ted Lewis, Carsten Braun, Douglas R. Hardy, Pierre Francus, Raymond S. Bradley
Modeling the Effect of Variations in Snowpack-Disappearance Date on Surface-Energy Balance on the Alaskan North Slope  
Feng Ling, Tingjun Zhang
A 1300-year Record of Penguin Populations at Ardley Island in the Antarctic, as Deduced from the Geochemical Data in the Ornithogenic Lake Sediments  
Xiaodong Liu, Liguang Sun, Zhouqing Xie, Xuebin Yin, Yuhong Wang
Spatio-temporal Gradients between High Mountain Ecosystems of Central Norway  
Jörg Löffler, Oliver-D. Finch
The Dense and Highly Connected World of Greenland's Plants and Their Pollinators  
Rebekka Lundgren, Jens M. Olesen
Long-Term Impact of Cattle Grazing on Subalpine Forest Development and Efficiency of Snow Avalanche Protection  
Andrea C. Mayer, Veronika Stöckli
The Temporal Dynamics of Carbon Dioxide under Snow in a High Elevation Rocky Mountain Subalpine Forest and Meadow  
R. C. Musselman, W. J. Massman, J. M. Frank, J. L. Korfmacher
Floristics and Distribution of Plant Communities across Moisture and Topographic Gradients in Tso Kar Basin, Changthang Plateau, Eastern Ladakh  
Gopal S. Rawat, Bhupendra S. Adhikari
Interannual Variability in Carbon Dioxide Exchange from a High Arctic Fen Estimated by Measurements and Modeling  
Asa K. Rennermalm, Henrik Soegaard, Claus Nordstroem
Are the Deep Chlorophyll Maxima in Alpine Lakes Primarily Induced by Nutrient Availability, not UV Avoidance?  
Jasmine E. Saros, Sebastian J. Interlandi, Shaina Doyle, Timothy J. Michel, Craig E. Williamson
Temporal Variability of Rockfall in the Bavarian Alps, Germany  
Oliver Sass
Recovery of Alpine Vegetation from Grazing and Drought: Data from Long-term Photoquadrats in Kosciuszko National Park, Australia  
Pascal Scherrer, Catherine Marina Pickering
Northern Pocket Gopher (Thomomys talpoides) Control of Alpine Plant Community Structure  
Susan K. Sherrod, Tim R. Seastedt, Marilyn D. Walker
Composition, Economic Use, and Nutrient Contents of Alpine Vegetation in the Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve, Sikkim Himalaya, India  
H. Birkumar Singh, R. C. Sundriyal
Experimental Investigation of Fertilization and Irrigation Effects on an Alpine Heath, Northwestern Caucasus, Russia  
Nadejda A. Soudzilovskaia, Vladimir G. Onipchenko
Soil-Driven Timberline of Spruce (Picea abies) in Tanaelv Belt-Lapland Granulite Transition, Finland  
Raimo Sutinen, Eija Hyvönen, Andreea Ruther, Andreas Ahl, Marja-Liisa Sutinen
Effects of Artificial Warming on Shoot Elongation of Alpine Dwarf Pine (Pinus pumila) on Mount Shogigashira, Central Japan  
Koichi Takahashi
Quantitative Calibration of Remote Mountain-Lake Sediments as Climatic Recorders of Air Temperature and Ice-Cover Duration  
R. Thompson, D. Price, N. Cameron, V. Jones, C. Bigler, P. Rosén, R. I. Hall, J. Catalan, J. García, J. Weckstrom, A. Korhola
Hydrologic Factors Affecting Initial Willow Seedling Establishment along a Subalpine Stream, Colorado, U.S.A  
Scott W. Woods, David J. Cooper