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Vol. 38, No. 2, 2006

A Revised and Extended Holocene Glacial History of Icy Bay, Southern Alaska, U.S.A  
David J. Barclay, Julie L. Barclay, Parker E. Calkin, Gregory C. Wiles
Abundance and Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Glacier Systems  
J. D. Barker, M. J. Sharp, S. J. Fitzsimons, R. J. Turner
Success of Turf Transplants in Restoring Alpine Trails, Colorado, U.S.A  
Robin F. Bay, James J. Ebersole
Environmental Factors Associated with Deep Chlorophyll Maxima in Dry Valley Lakes, South Victoria Land, Antarctica  
Laura Burnett, Daryl Moorhead, Ian Hawes, Clive Howard-Williams
Associations between Accelerated Glacier Mass Wastage and Increased Summer Temperature in Coastal Regions  
Mark Dyurgerov, Gregory J. McCabe
Photosynthetic Capacity and PSII Efficiency of the Evergreen Alpine Cushion Plant Saxifraga paniculata during Winter at Different Altitudes  
J. Hacker, G. Neuner
Soil Thaw and Temperature Response to Air Warming Varies by Plant Community: Results from an Open-top Chamber Experiment in Northern Alaska  
Robert D. Hollister, Patrick J. Webber, Fredrick E. Nelson, Craig E. Tweedie
A Banded Vegetation Pattern in a High Arctic Community on Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, Canada  
Daniel Liptzin
Cushion Plants as Microclimatic Shelters for Two Ladybird Beetles Species in Alpine Zone of Central Chile  
Marco A. Molina-Montenegro, Ernesto I. Badano, Lohengrin A. Cavieres
Reconstruction of Summer Temperature for a Canadian High Arctic Site from Retrospective Analysis of the Dwarf Shrub, Cassiope tetragona  
Shelly A. Rayback, Gregory H. R. Henry
Recovery of Alpine Herbfield on a Closed Walking Track in the Kosciuszko Alpine Zone, Australia  
Pascal Scherrer, Catherine Marina Pickering
Cold-season Production of CO2 in Arctic Soils: Can Laboratory and Field Estimates Be Reconciled through a Simple Modeling Approach?  
Joshua P. Schimel, Jace Fahnestock, Gary Michaelson, Carl Mikan, Chien-Lu Ping, Vladimir E. Romanovsky, Jeff Welker
Reconstructing Century-long Snow Regimes Using Estimates of High Arctic Salix arctica Radial Growth  
Niels M. Schmidt, Claudia Baittinger, Mads C. Forchhammer
Nitrogen Fixation, Denitrification, and Ecosystem Nitrogen Pools in Relation to Vegetation Development in the Subarctic  
Pernille L. Sorensen, Sven Jonasson, Anders Michelsen
Are Frost Boils Important for the Recruitment of Arctic-Alpine Plants?  
Jolene T. Sutton, Luise Hermanutz, John D. Jacobs
Terminal Moraines, Outwash Plains, and Lake Terraces in the Vicinity of Lago Cardiel (49°S; Patagonia, Argentina)—Evidence for Miocene Andean Foreland Glaciations  
Gerd Wenzens
Diversity of Predatory Rhagidiid Mites (Acari: Rhagidiidae) Inhabiting Montane Stony Debris in the Ötztal Alps, North Tyrol, Austria  
Miloslav Zacharda, Tomáš Kučera
Perspectives pour une Géobiologie des Montagnes. By Paul Ozenda. Lausanne   reviewed work
Patrick Bourgeron
Antarctic Marine Protists. Edited by Fiona J. Scott and Harvey J. Marchant.   reviewed work
Jack Harris
Life in Ancient Ice. Edited by John D. Castello and Scott O. Rogers.   reviewed work
Jack Harris
Glaciers, second edition. By Michael Hambrey and Jürg Alean   reviewed work
W. D. Harrison