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Vol. 38, No. 3, 2006

Breeding System Evolution in the Arctic: a Comparative Study of Campanula uniflora in Greenland and Iceland  
Hafdís Hanna Ægisdóttir, Thóra Ellen Thórhallsdóttir
Niveo-eolian Sediment Deposits in Coastal South Victoria Land, Antarctica: Indicators of Regional Variability in Weather and Climate  
Bridget F. Ayling, Hamish A. McGowan
Secondary Succession 24 Years after Disturbance of a New Zealand High-alpine Cushionfield  
C. Stewart Brown, Alan F. Mark, G. Peter Kershaw, Katharine J. M. Dickinson
Hypolithic Colonization of Opaque Rocks in the Arctic and Antarctic Polar Desert  
Charles S. Cockell, M. Dale Stokes
Protozoan Epibionts and Their Distribution on the Arctic Ice-amphipod Gammarus wilkitzkii from Spitsbergen, Norway  
Gregorio Fernandez-Leborans, Carolin E. Arndt, Regina Gabilondo
Epigean Arthropod Succession along a 154-year Glacier Foreland Chronosequence in the Forni Valley (Central Italian Alps)  
Mauro Gobbi, Fiorenza De Bernardi, Manuela Pelfini, Bruno Rossaro, Pietro Brandmayr
Nitrogen Fixation in Surface Soils and Vegetation in an Arctic Tundra Watershed: A Key Source of Atmospheric Nitrogen  
Satoru Hobara, Carmody McCalley, Keisuke Koba, Anne E. Giblin, Marissa S. Weiss, Gretchen M. Gettel, Gaius R. Shaver
Defining a Successional Metric for Lichen Communities in the Arctic Tundra  
Emily A. Holt, Bruce McCune, Peter Neitlich
Accumulation of Soil Organic Carbon Linked to Holocene Sea Level Changes in West Greenland  
Louise A. Jensen, Lea Bjerre Schmidt, Jørgen Hollesen, Bo Elberling
Site Characteristics and Plant Community Development Following Partial Gravel Removal in an Arctic Oilfield  
Janet G. Kidd, Bill Streever, M. Torre Jorgenson
Recent Observation of a Proliferation of Ranunculus trichophyllus Chaix. in High-altitude Lakes of the Mount Everest Region  
P. Lacoul, B. Freedman
Historical Glacier and Climate Fluctuations at Mount Hood, Oregon  
Karl Lillquist, Karen Walker
Spatial Heterogeneity and Hierarchical Feeding Habitat Selection by Reindeer  
Anders Mårell, Lars Edenius
Vegetation Succession Pattern and Diversity Changes in a Glacier Valley, Central Alps, Austria  
C. Raffl, M. Mallaun, R. Mayer, B. Erschbamer
The Characteristics and Classification of Australian Snow Cover: an Ecological Perspective  
Glenn M. Sanecki, Ken Green, Helen Wood, David Lindenmayer
A 150-year Record of Heavy Metals in the Varved Sediments of Lake Bolterskardet, Svalbard  
Qing Sun, Guoqiang Chu, Jiaqi Liu, Denyi Gao
A Pollination Ecology Study of Pedicularis Linnaeus (Orobanchaceae) in a Subalpine to Alpine Area of Northwest Sichuan, China  
Ya Tang, Jia-sui Xie
On the Meteorological Instruments and Observations Made during the 19th Century Exploration of the Canadian Northwest Passage  
Catharine Ward, Julian A. Dowdeswell
Are Current Rates of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition Influencing Lakes in the Eastern Canadian Arctic?  
Alexander P. Wolfe, Colin A. Cooke, William O. Hobbs
Errata: Epilithic Lichen Communities in High Arctic Greenland: Physical, Environmental, and Geological Aspects of Their Ecology in Inglefield Land (78°–79°N). Eric Steen Hansen, Peter Robert Dawes, and Bjørn Thomassen 38(1): 72–81.