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Vol. 38, No. 4, 2006

Facilitation of Seedling Microsites by Rhododendron Caucasicum Extends the Betula Litwinowii Alpine Treeline, Caucasus Mountains, Republic of Georgia  
Maia Akhalkatsi, Otar Abdaladze, George Nakhutsrishvili, William K Smith
Multivariate Controls on the Incidence of Glacier Surging in the Karakoram Himalaya  
Nicholas E Barrand, Tavi Murray
Melting Glaciers and Soil Development in the Proglacial Area Morteratsch (Swiss Alps): I. Soil Type Chronosequence  
Markus Egli, Michael Wernli, Christof Kneisel, Wilfried Haeberli
Melting Glaciers and Soil Development in the Proglacial Area Morteratsch (Swiss Alps): II. Modeling the Present and Future Soil State  
Markus Egli, Michael Wernli, Christof Kneisel, Stefan Biegger, Wilfried Haeberli
Biogeochemical Characterization of an Undisturbed Highly Acidic, Metal-Rich Bryophyte Habitat, East-Central Alaska, U.S.A  
Larry P. Gough, Robert G. Eppinger, Paul H. Briggs, Stuart. Giles
Permafrost Destabilization and Thermokarst Following Snow Fence Installation, Barrow, Alaska, U.S.A  
Kenneth M Hinkel, John K Hurd Jr
Life in an African Alpine Habitat: Diurnal Activity Patterns of the Ice Rat Otomys Sloggetti Robertsi  
Andrea Hinze, Neville Pillay
Hydrography and Circulation of Ice-Marginal Lakes at Bering Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A  
Edward G Josberger, Robert A Shuchman, Guy A Meadows, Sean Savage, John Payne
Thermokarst Formation and Vegetation Dynamics Inferred from A Palynological Study in Central Yakutia, Eastern Siberia, Russia  
Fumitaka Katamura, Masami Fukuda, Nikolai P Bosikov, Roman V Desyatkin, Toshio Nakamura, Jun Moriizumi
Holocene Environmental and Climate History of Trettetjørn, a Low-alpine Lake in Western Norway, Based on Subfossil Pollen, Diatoms, Oribatid Mites, and Plant Macrofossils  
Jorunn Larsen, Anne E Bjune, Arguitxu de la Riva Caballero
Establishment of Pinus Wallichiana on a Himalayan Glacier Foreland: Stochastic Distribution or Safe Sites?  
Christian E. Mong, Ole R. Vetaas
Environmental Gradients, Fragmented Habitats, and Microbiota of a Northern Ice Shelf Cryoecosystem, Ellesmere Island, Canada  
Derek R Mueller, Warwick F Vincent, Martin O Jeffries
Pollen Limitation and Spatial Variation of Reproductive Success in the Insect-pollinated Shrub Chuquiraga Oppositifolia (Asteraceae) in the Chilean Andes  
Alejandro A. Muñoz, Mary T.K. Arroyo
Climatic and Environmental Influences on Mountain Pine (Pinus Montana Miller) Growth in the Central Italian Alps  
Manuela Pelfini, Giovanni Leonelli, Maurizio Santilli
Long-term Abundance Patterns of Barren-ground Caribou Using Trampling Scars on Roots of Picea Mariana in the Northwest Territories, Canada  
R. Zalatan, A. Gunn, G.H.R. Henry
Cache Selection by Arctic Ground Squirrels Inhabiting Boreal-steppe Meadows of Southwest Yukon Territory, Canada  
Grant D Zazula, Rolf W Mathewes, Alton S Harestad