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Vol. 39, No. 1, 2007

Editorial Message  
Proceedings of the Fifth Circumpolar Ecosystems Conference and Workshop, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, February 2004—introduction   special section
LeeAnn Fishback, G Peter Kershaw
Using Environmental Variables to Predict the Structure of Deep-sea Arctic Fish Communities: Implications for Food Web Construction   special section
Chandra A. Chambers, Terry A. Dick
Midwinter Snowpack Variation Across the Arctic Treeline, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada   special section
G. Peter Kershaw, Jennifer McCulloch
Short-term Revegetation Performance on Gravel-dominated, Human-induced Disturbances, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada   special section
Jennie Rausch, G. Peter Kershaw
Interactions between Vegetation, Roots, and Soil Stability in Restored High-altitude Ski Runs in the Alps  
Elena Barni, Michele Freppaz, Consolata Siniscalco
Ecology of Alpine Snowbeds and the Impact of Global Change  
Robert G. Björk, Ulf Molau
“They Went as High as They Choose:” What an Isolated Skull Can Tell Us about the Biogeography of High-altitude Bison  
Kenneth P. Cannon
Nurse Effects of Alpine Willows (Salix) Enhance Over-winter Survival at the Upper Range Limit of Fireweed, Chamerion Angustifolium  
Amy J. Dona, Candace Galen
The Optimum pH of the Green Snow Algae, Chloromonas Tughillensis and Chloromonas Chenangoensis, from Upstate New York  
Ronald W. Hoham, Robert W. Filbin, Frank M. Frey, Timothy J. Pusack, Jeffrey B. Ryba, Patrick D. McDermott, Ryan A. Fields
Colorado Front Range Rock Glaciers: Distribution and Topographic Characteristics  
Jason R. Janke
Geochemistry of Soils and Streams on Surfaces of Varying Ages in Arctic Alaska  
Katy Keller, Joel D. Blum, George W. Kling
The Structure and Dynamics of Earth Hummocks in the Subarctic Forest Near Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada  
S.V. Kokelj, C.R. Burn, C. Tarnocai
Effect of Herbivory and Disturbances by Tuco-Tucos (Ctenomys Mendocinus) on a Plant Community in the Southern Puna Desert  
Natalia Lara, Paola Sassi, Carlos E. Borghi
New Insights into Factors Controlling Drainage Density in Subarctic Landscapes  
Miska Luoto
Rock Glaciers in Central Colorado, U.S.A., as Indicators of Holocene Climate Change  
Kurt A. Refsnider, Keith A. Brugger
Extreme High-altitude Asian and Andean Pierid Butterflies Are Not Each Others' Closest Relatives  
Arthur M. Shapiro, Matthew L. Forister, James A. Fordyce
Zonation of Vegetation Related to Penguin Rookeries on King George Island, Maritime Antarctic  
Jerzy Smykla, Jerzy Wołek, Adam Barcikowski
Snow Cover Conditions in the Tibetan Plateau Observed during the Winter of 2003/2004  
Kenichi Ueno, Kenji Tanaka, Hiroyuki Tsutsui, Maoshan Li
Interspecific Differences in Seed Germination, Establishment, and Early Growth in Relation to Preferred Soil Type in an Alpine Community  
Elizabeth H. Wenk, Todd E. Dawson
Natural Regeneration of Alpine Tundra Vegetation after Human Trampling: a 42-year Data Set from Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, U.S.A  
Beatrice E. Willard, David J. Cooper, Bruce C. Forbes
Geology of Southeast Alaska: Rock and Ice in Motion by Howard H Stowell   reviewed work
James F Baichtal
Fisheries Assessment and Management in Data-limited Situations by G. H. Kruse, V. F. Gallucci, D. E. Hay, R. I. Perry, R. M. Peterman, T. C. Shirley, P. D. Spencer, B. Wilson, D. Woodby.   reviewed work
James R. McGoodwin