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Vol. 39, No. 2, 2007

Soil Acidity, Content of Carbonates, and Available Phosphorus Are the Soil Factors Best Correlated with Alpine Vegetation: Evidence from Troms, North Norway  
Geir Arnesen, Pieter S. A. Beck, and Torstein Engelskjøn
Advancing Treeline and Retreating Glaciers: Implications for Conservation in Yunnan, P.R. China  
B. B. Baker and R. K. Moseley
Response of Pinus uncinata Recruitment to Climate Warming and Changes in Grazing Pressure in an Isolated Population of the Iberian System (NE Spain)  
J. Julio Camarero and Emilia Gutiérrez
An Evaluation of Dendroecological Indicators of Snow Avalanches in the Swiss Alps  
Alejandro Casteller, Veronika Stöckli, Ricardo Villalba, and Andrea C. Mayer
Microclimatic Modifications of Cushion Plants and Their Consequences for Seedling Survival of Native and Non-native Herbaceous Species in the High Andes of Central Chile  
Lohengrin A. Cavieres, Ernesto I. Badano, Angela Sierra-Almeida, and Marco A. Molina-Montenegro
Winners and Losers of Climate Change in a Central Alpine Glacier Foreland  
Brigitta Erschbamer
Did Debris-Covered Glaciers Serve as Pleistocene Refugia for Plants? A New Hypothesis Derived from Observations of Recent Plant Growth on Glacier Surfaces  
Thomas Fickert, Donald Friend, Friederike Grüninger, Bruce Molnia, and Michael Richter
Consequences of Variation in Tree Architecture and Leaf Traits on Light Capture and Photosynthetic Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Mountain Birch  
Pekka Kaitaniemi
Respiration and Microbial Dynamics in Two Subarctic Ecosystems during Winter and Spring Thaw: Effects of Increased Snow Depth  
Klaus S. Larsen, Paul Grogan, Sven Jonasson, and Anders Michelsen
Modeling Uncertainties in Lichenometry Studies  
Philippe Naveau, Vincent Jomelli, Daniel Cooley, Grancher Delphine, and Antoine Rabatel
Subfossil Chironomids as Indicators of Recent Climate Change in Sierra Nevada, California, Lakes  
David F. Porinchu, Aaron P. Potito, Glen M. MacDonald, and Amy M. Bloom
Development of a Spatial Analysis Method Using Ground-Based Repeat Photography to Detect Changes in the Alpine Treeline Ecotone, Glacier National Park, Montana, U.S.A.  
W. Roush, J. S. Munroe, and D. B. Fagre
Fast Reactivation by High Air Humidity and Photosynthetic Performance of Alpine Lichens Growing Endolithically in Limestone  
Bettina Weber, Claudia Scherr, Hans Reichenberger, and Burkhard Büdel
Stable Carbon Isotope Compositions of Eastern Beringian Grasses and Sedges: Investigating Their Potential as Paleoenvironmental Indicators  
Matthew J. Wooller, Grant D. Zazula, Mary Edwards, Duane G. Froese, Richard D. Boone, Carolyn Parker, and Bruce Bennett
Influence of Debris Cover on Ogive-like Surface Morphology of Bilchenok Glacier in Kamchatka  
Satoru Yamaguchi, Takanobu Sawagaki, Takane Matsumoto, Yaroslav D. Muravyev, and Renji Naruse
Recent Observation of a Proliferation of Ranunculus trichophyllus Chaix. in High-altitude Lakes of the Mount Everest Region: Comment   correspondence
Anton Seimon, Stephan R. P. Halloy, and Tracie A. Seimon
Recent Observation of a Proliferation of Ranunculus trichophyllus Chaix. in High-altitude Lakes of the Mount Everest Region: Response   correspondence
P. Lacoul and B. Freedman