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Vol. 39, No. 3, 2007

Display Size Preferences and Foraging Habits of High Andean Butterflies Pollinating Chaetanthera lycopodioides (Asteraceae) in the Subnival of the Central Chilean Andes  
Mary T. K. Arroyo, Irene Till-Bottraud, Cristian Torres, Carolina A. Henríquez, and Jaime Martínez
Vegetation Structure and Temperature Regimes of Tropical Alpine Treelines  
Maaike Y. Bader, Max Rietkerk, and Arnold K. Bregt
Solar Radiation Transfer through a Subarctic Shrub Canopy  
D. Bewley, J. W. Pomeroy, and R. L. H. Essery
Ozone in Interstitial Air of the Mid-Latitude, Seasonal Snowpack at Niwot Ridge, Colorado  
Florence Bocquet, Detlev Helmig, and Samuel J. Oltmans
Characterizing the Hydrology of Shallow Floodplain Lakes in the Slave River Delta, NWT, Canada, Using Water Isotope Tracers  
Bronwyn E. Brock, Brent B. Wolfe, and Thomas W. D. Edwards
On the Glaciers of Bylot Island, Nunavut, Arctic Canada  
E. K. Dowdeswell, J. A. Dowdeswell, and F. Cawkwell
The Impact of Climate on Flowering in the High Arctic—The Case of Dryas in a Hybrid Zone  
Toke Thomas Høye, Susanne Mølgaard Ellebjerg, and Marianne Philipp
Retreat Scenarios of Unteraargletscher, Switzerland, Using a Combined Ice-Flow Mass-Balance Model  
Matthias Huss, Shin Sugiyama, Andreas Bauder, and Martin Funk
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of a Long Mass Balance Record, Storglaciären, Sweden  
Peter Jansson and Rickard Pettersson
Seasonal and Diurnal Net Methane Emissions from Organic Soils of the Eastern Alps, Austria: Effects of Soil Temperature, Water Balance, and Plant Biomass  
Oliver Koch, Dagmar Tscherko, and Ellen Kandeler
The Impact of Disturbance and Seed Availability on Germination of Alpine Vegetation in the Scandinavian Mountains  
Åsa Lindgren, Ove Eriksson, and Jon Moen
Altitudinal Gradients of Stable Isotopes in Lee-Slope Precipitation in the Canadian Rocky Mountains  
Tara A. Moran, Shawn J. Marshall, Erin C. Evans, and Kate E. Sinclair
Thaw Settlement in Soils of the Arctic Coastal Plain, Alaska  
Erik R. Pullman, M. Torre Jorgenson, and Yuri Shur
Depth Distribution of Net Methanotrophic Activity at a Mountain Birch Forest—Tundra Heath Ecotone, Northern Sweden  
Sofie Sjögersten, Erik Melander, and Philip A Wookey
Pollination Ecology of Pedicularis muscoides H. L. Li subsp. himalayca Yamazaki from Alpine Areas of Western Sichuan, China  
Ya Tang, Jia-sui Xie, and Hui Sun
Projecting Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Snow Cover in Central Scotland from Historical Patterns  
Mandar R. Trivedi, Mervyn K. Browne, Pamela M. Berry, Terence P. Dawson, and Michael D. Morecroft
Volcanic Ash Deposition and Long-Term Vegetation Change on Subantarctic Marion Island  
Dan Yeloff, Dmitri Mauquoy, Keith Barber, Susannah Way, Bas van Geel, and Chris S. M. Turney
In Memoriam—Richard K. Haugen  
Jerry Brown, Frederick E. Nelson, and Patrick J. Webber
Geophysical Applications in Geomorphology, edited by Lothar Schrott, Andreas Hördt, and Richard Dikau   reviewed work
Terence Day