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Vol. 39, No. 4, 2007

UINTAS 2006: the Uinta Interdisciplinary Assessment Symposium, Snowbird, Utah, May 2006—Introduction   special section
Jeffrey S. Munroe, Benjamin J. C. Laabs, Katrina A. Moser, and Joseph T. Gurrieri
Temporal and Seasonal Trends in Streamflow in the Uinta Mountains, Northeastern Utah, and Relation to Climatic Fluctuations   special section
Eric C. Carson
Glacial Geology and Equilibrium Line Altitude Reconstructions for the Provo River Drainage, Uinta Mountains, Utah, U.S.A.   special section
Kurt A. Refsnider, Benjamin J. C. Laabs, and David M. Mickelson
Chronology of the Last Glacial Maximum in the Upper Bear River Basin, Utah   special section
Benjamin J. C. Laabs, Jeffrey S. Munroe, Joseph G. Rosenbaum, Kurt A. Refsnider, David M. Mickelson, Bradley S. Singer, and Marc W. Caffee
Recent and Multicentennial Precipitation Variability and Drought Occurrence in the Uinta Mountains Region, Utah   special section
Glen M. MacDonald and Abbie H. Tingstad
Exploring Relationships between Watershed Properties and Holocene Loss-on-Ignition Records in High-Elevation Lakes, Southern Uinta Mountains, Utah, U.S.A.   special section
Jeffrey S. Munroe
Development of a Midge-Based Summer Surface Water Temperature Inference Model for the Great Basin of the Western United States   special section
David F. Porinchu, Katrina A. Moser, and Jeffrey S. Munroe
Properties of Alpine Soils Associated with Well-Developed Sorted Polygons in the Uinta Mountains, Utah, U.S.A.   special section
Jeffrey S. Munroe
Soil Development and Glacial History, West Fork of Beaver Creek, Uinta Mountains, Utah   special section
Daniel C. Douglass and David M. Mickelson
The Influence of Grazing and Other Environmental Factors on Lichen Community Structure along an Alpine Tundra Ridge in the Uinta Mountains, Utah, U.S.A.   special section
Larry L. St. Clair, Jeffery R. Johansen, Samuel B. St. Clair, and Kathryn B. Knight
Forest Ecology and Biogeography of the Uinta Mountains, U.S.A.   special section
John D. Shaw and James N. Long
Perspectives on Environmental Study of Response to Climatic and Land Cover/Land Use Change over the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: an Introduction   special section
Tingjun Zhang
Sensitivity of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to Seasonal and Interannual Climate Conditions in the Lhasa Area, Tibetan Plateau, China   special section
Duo Chu, Lixin Lu, and Tingjun Zhang
Recent Glacial Retreat and Its Impact on Hydrological Processes on the Tibetan Plateau, China, and Surrounding Regions   special section
Tandong Yao, Jianchen Pu, Anxin Lu, Youqing Wang, and Wusheng Yu
Dendroclimatic Temperature Record Derived from Tree-Ring Width and Stable Carbon Isotope Chronologies in the Middle Qilian Mountains, China   special section
Xiaohong Liu, Xuemei Shao, Liangju Zhao, Dahe Qin, Tuo Chen, and Jiawen Ren
Ostracoda Assemblages in Core Sediments and Their Environmental Significance in a Small Lake in Northwest Tibet, China   special section
Liping Zhu, Xiao Lin, Yuanfang Li, Bingyuan Li, and Manping Xie
Annual Accumulation in the Mt. Nyainqentanglha Ice Core, Southern Tibetan Plateau, China: Relationships to Atmospheric Circulation over Asia   special section
Shichang Kang, Dahe Qin, Jiawen Ren, Yongjun Zhang, Susan Kaspari, Paul A. Mayewski, and Shugui Hou
Accumulation Rates over the Past 500 Years Recorded in Ice Cores from the Northern and Southern Tibetan Plateau, China   special section
Ninglian Wang, Xi Jiang, Lonnie G. Thompson, and Mary E. Davis
The Environmental Significance of Stable Carbon Isotope Composition of Modern Plant Leaves in the Northern Tibetan Plateau, China   special section
Guangxiu Liu, Ming Li, and Lizhe An
Responses of Permafrost on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China, to Climate Change and Engineering Construction   special section
Qingbai Wu, Xianfu Dong, Yongzhi Liu, and Huijun Jin
Stable Isotope Variations in Precipitation and Moisture Trajectories on the Western Tibetan Plateau, China   special section
Wusheng Yu, Tandong Yao, Lide Tian, Yaoming Ma, Naoyuki Kurita, Kimpei Ichiyanagi, Yu Wang, and Weizhen Sun
Water Recycling between the Land Surface and Atmosphere on the Northern Tibetan Plateau—A Case Study at Flat Observation Sites   special section
Meixue Yang, Tandong Yao, Xiaohua Gou, and Hongguan Tang
A Diagnostic Analysis of the Impact of Complex Terrain in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau, China, on a Severe Storm   special section
Jing Chen, Chuan Li, and Guangbi He
Atmospheric Boundary Layer Circulation on the Eastern Edge of the Tibetan Plateau, China, in Summer   special section
Yueqing Li and Wenliang Gao
Modeling the Active-Layer Depth over the Tibetan Plateau  
Christoph Oelke and Tingjun Zhang
Numerical Simulation of the Carbon Cycle over the Tibetan Plateau, China   special section
Guangzhou Fan, Tingjun Zhang, Jinjun Ji, Kerang Li, and Jiyuan Liu