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Vol. 40, No. 1, 2008

Holocene Sediment Magnetic Properties along a Transect from Ísafjardardjúp to Djúpáll, Northwest Iceland  
J. T. Andrews, J. Hardardóttir, J. S. Stoner, and S. M. Principato
Experiments on Lichen Growth, III. The Shape of the Age-Size Curve  
James B. Benedict
Effects of Simulated Climate Change on Plant Phenology and Nitrogen Mineralization in Arctic Tundra  
Andrew P. Borner, Knut Kielland, and Marilyn D. Walker
The Role of Reproductive Assurance in the Arctic: a Comparative Study of a Homostylous and Distylous Species Pair  
Matthew L. Carlson, Steven D. Gisler, and Sylvia Kelso
Forage Quality and Reindeer Productivity: Multiplier Effects Amplified by Climate Change  
Merben R. Cebrian, Knut Kielland, and Greg Finstad
Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on Phytoplankton in an Alpine Lake, Colorado, U.S.A.  
Eileen M. Gardner, Diane M. McKnight. William M. Lewis, Jr., and Matthew P. Miller
Long-Term Mammalian Herbivory and Nutrient Addition Alter Lichen Community Structure in Alaskan Dry Heath Tundra  
Laura Gough, Kanchan Shrestha, David R. Johnson, and Brian Moon
Migratory Bogong Moths (Agrotis infusa) Transport Arsenic and Concentrate It to Lethal Effect by Gregariously Estivating in Alpine Regions of the Snowy Mountains of Australia  
Ken Green
A Glacier Inventory for the Buordakh Massif, Cherskiy Range, Northeast Siberia, and Evidence for Recent Glacier Recession  
S. D. Gurney, V. V. Popovnin, M. Shahgedanova, and C. R. Stokes
Slow Recovery of Lichen on Burned Caribou Winter Range in Alaska Tundra: Potential Influences of Climate Warming and Other Disturbance Factors  
Randi Jandt, Kyle Joly, C. Randy Meyers, and Charles Racine
Experimental Alteration of Vegetation on Nonsorted Circles: Effects on Cryogenic Activity and Implications for Climate Change in the Arctic  
Anja Kade and Donald A. Walker
Thermophilic Tree Species Reinvade Subalpine Sweden—Early Responses to Anomalous Late Holocene Climate Warming  
Leif Kullman
Living in Snowy Environments: Quantifying the Influence of Snow on Moose Behavior  
Caroline Lundmark and John. P. Ball
The Influence of Soil Geochemistry on Nematode Distribution, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica  
Michael A. Poage, John E. Barrett, Ross A. Virginia, and Diana H. Wall
The Effects of Aridity on Conifer Radial Growth, Recruitment, and Mortality Patterns in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, California  
Aaron P. Potito and Glen M. MacDonald
Seasonal Variation in Ablation and Surface Velocity on a Temperate Maritime Glacier: Fox Glacier, New Zealand  
H.L. Purdie, M.S. Brook, and I.C. Fuller
Spatial Reconstructions and Comparisons of Historic Snow Avalanche Frequency and Extent Using Tree Rings in Glacier National Park, Montana, U.S.A.  
B. A. Reardon, G. T. Pederson, C. J. Caruso, and D. B. Fagre
Blister Rust Prevalence in Krummholz Whitebark Pine: Implications for Treeline Dynamics  
Lynn M. Resler and Diana F. Tomback
Plant and Microbial Uptake and Allocation of Organic and Inorganic Nitrogen Related to Plant Growth Forms and Soil Conditions at Two Subarctic Tundra Sites in Sweden  
Pernille Lærkedal Sorensen, Karina Engelbrecht Clemmensen, Anders Michelsen, Sven Jonasson, and Lena Ström
The Photosynthetic Response of Alaskan Tundra Plants to Increased Season Length and Soil Warming  
Gregory Starr, Steven F. Oberbauer, and Lorraine E. Ahlquist
Impacts of Climate Warming and Nitrogen Deposition on Alpine Plankton in Lake and Pond Habitats: an In Vitro Experiment  
Patrick L. Thompson, Marie-Claire St-Jacques, and Rolf D. Vinebrooke
Glacier Recession on Heard Island, Southern Indian Ocean  
Douglas E. Thost and Martin Truffer
Reindeer Winter Grazing in Alpine Tundra: Impacts on Ridge Community Composition in Norway  
Ingunn Vistnes and Christian Nellemann
Effects of Climate and Land-Use Change on the Establishment and Growth of Cembran Pine (Pinus cembra L.) over the Altitudinal Treeline Ecotone in the Central Swiss Alps  
Pascal Vittoz, Benoît Rulence, Thierry Largey, and François Freléchoux
Intraspecific Divergence in Seed Germination Traits between High- and Low-Latitude Populations of the Arctic-Alpine Annual Koenigia islandica  
Ioan Wagner and Andrew M. Simons
New Zealand Forest to Alpine Transitions in Global Context  
Peter Wardle
The Ecological Significance of Pubescence in Saussurea medusa, a High-Elevation Himalayan “Woolly Plant”  
Yang Yang, Christian Körner, and Hang Sun
Cellular Automata: Simulating Alpine Tundra Vegetation Dynamics in Response to Global Warming  
Yanqing A. Zhang, Michael R. Peterman, Dorin L. Aun, and Yanming Zhang
DEEP FREEZE: the United States, the International Geophysical Year, and the Origins of Antartica’s Age of Science, by Dian Olson Belanger   reviewed work
John T. Hollin