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Vol. 40, No. 2, 2008

A Simple Spatial Model Exploring Positive Feedbacks at Tropical Alpine Treelines  
Maaike Y. Bader, Max Rietkerk, and Arnold K. Bregt
Distribution of Glacial Deposits, Soils, and Permafrost in Taylor Valley, Antarctica  
J. G. Bockheim, M. L. Prentice, and M. McLeod
The Influence of Biological Soil Crusts on Soil Characteristics along a High Arctic Glacier Foreland, Nunavut, Canada  
Katie Breen and Esther Lévesque
Alaska Melilotus Invasions: Distribution, Origin, and Susceptibility of Plant Communities  
J. S. Conn, K. L. Beattie, M. A. Shephard, M. L. Carlson, I. Lapina, M. Hebert, R. Gronquist, R. Densmore, and M. Rasy
Primary Succession Following Deglaciation at Koryto Glacier Valley, Kamchatka  
Jiri Dolezal, Kosuke Homma, Koichi Takahashi, Marina P. Vyatkina, Valentine Yakubov, Valentina P. Vetrova, and Toshihiko Hara
General Characteristics of Temperature and Humidity Variability on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania  
W. J. Duane, N. C. Pepin, M. L. Losleben, and D. R. Hardy
Nurse-Plant Effects of a Dwarf Shrub on the Establishment of Tree Seedlings in a Volcanic Desert on Mt. Fuji, Central Japan  
Megumi Endo, Yasuo Yamamura, Atsushi Tanaka, Takashi Nakano, and Taisuke Yasuda
Stable Isotope Characterization of the Ecohydrological Cycle at a Tropical Treeline Site  
Peter Hartsough, Simon R. Poulson, Franco Biondi, and Ignacio Galindo Estrada
Optimum Growth Temperatures of Three Species of Green Chloromonas Snow Algae from Upstate New York and the White Mountains, Arizona  
Ronald W. Hoham, Frank M. Frey, William W. Mohn, Joy H. Felio, Sarah Todd, Jared E. Duncan, and James B. Banghart
Prolonged Ice Cover Dampens Diatom Community Responses to Recent Climatic Change in High Arctic Lakes  
Bronwyn E. Keatley, Marianne S. V. Douglas, and John P. Smol
Diversity Patterns in Relation to the Environment in Alpine Tundra Ecosystems of Northern Norway  
Jörg Löffler and Roland Pape
High Species Turnover and Decreasing Plant Species Richness on Mountain Summits in Sweden: Reindeer Grazing Overrides Climate Change?  
Jon Moen and Anna Lagerström
Paleoclimatic Significance of Chemical Weathering in Loess-Derived Paleosols of Subarctic Central Alaska  
Daniel R. Muhs, Thomas A. Ager, Gary Skipp, Jossh Beann, James Budahn, and John P. McGeehin
Infiltration in Icelandic Andisols: the Role of Vegetation and Soil Frost  
B. Orradottir, S. R. Archer, O. Arnalds, L. P. Wilding, and T. L. Thurow
Effects of Grazing on the Vegetation Structure and Carbon Dioxide Exchange of a Fennoscandian Fell Ecosystem  
Sanna Susiluoto, Terhi Rasilo, Jukka Pumpanen, and Frank Berninger
Depth and Density of the Antarctic Firn Layer  
Michiel van den Broeke
The Water Balance of Grassland Ecosystems in the Austrian Alps  
Gerhard Wieser, Albin Hammerle, and Georg Wohlfahrt
Localities, Distribution and Stratigraphical Context of the Late Devonian Tetrapods of East Greenland, by Henning Blom, Jennifer A. Clack, and Per E. Ahlberg   reviewed work
J. J. Eberle